How to Create a Winged Eyeliner Look?

A timeless makeup technique that gives the eyes drama and depth is wing eyeliner. Although mastering the perfect wing can seem difficult, anyone can create this classic design with a little effort and the correct equipment. We'll go through the procedures and methods for achieving a winged eyeliner look that complements your eye shape and sense of fashion in this article.

Step by Step Instruction to Create Winged Eyeliner

Following are the major steps to create winged eyeliner −

Method 1: Freehand Outline

Step 1

Use concealer or primer to prepare your eyelid. Use some eyeshadow primer or concealer under your eyes and on your lids before applying any liner, and blend it well. This will give your eyeliner a smoother, more even base and improve the liner's ability to stick to your eyelids.

Step 2

Apply eyeshadow, if you like. It is advisable to apply eyeshadow before eyeliner if you wish to utilize it. Instead, when you try to apply the shadow, your liner can end up untidy and smudged. When using eyeshadow in conjunction with a winged liner, you may want to keep it light unless you're trying for a dramatic evening look.

Step 3

Your top lash line should be lined with a pencil. Draw a slender line as near to your top lash line as you can using a light pencil eyeliner. The line ought to be as narrow as is practical. This serves as the foundation for your wing eyeliner.

  • Work your way outward from the inner to the outside corner of your eye. Put an end to it at your lash line.

  • Even though it should be thin at this point, the line does not need to be particularly precise. A little roughness won't matter much at this point because you will ultimately cross the boundary again.

  • When doing this, keep your eyelid as flat as you can. Apply the liner while tilting your head back if necessary and barely keeping your eye open.

  • When applying the liner, hold your eyelid firm with your non-dominant hand's pinky finger.

  • Draw a sequence of dashes rather than attempting to apply the liner in a single continuous line. Applying in this manner is significantly simpler.

Step 4

Calculate how far the wing should extend. At the place where your bottom lash line ends, position your eyeliner pencil. It should be pointed diagonally upward so that your bottom lash line appears to continue.

  • The line will spread out and up diagonally.

  • To avoid the hooded portion of your lid if you have a hooded eyelid, you might need to tilt the wing more outward than upward.

  • Visually draw a line from the outside of your nostril to the outside corner of your brow to determine the proper angle for your wing.

Step 5

To serve as the wing, extend a narrow diagonal line. By holding the liner pencil on your eyelid, you should have roughly the same guideline as when drawing this line. It should essentially resemble an extension of your upper lash line.

  • Make sure you have a mirror nearby before you begin. Ensure that your elbow or arm is resting on a solid surface as well. This gives you greater flexibility when making your wing!

  • Start at the tiniest point of the eyeliner line that has been drawn above your upper lash line.

  • A diagonal line around 45 degrees out and up should be drawn. The direction of the line should roughly follow the end of your eyebrow.

  • You have complete control over the wing's length. A more dramatic line can go up to just below your brow bone, while a more understated winged eyeliner look should have a shorter line here. Never raise it all the way to the actual eyebrow.

Step 6

From the outermost point of your eyelid to its center, draw a straight line. Draw a straight, diagonal line from the very tip of the wing down to the center of your upper lash line, keeping your eyelid as flat and rigid as you can.

  • Close the eye while performing this. Watch with the eye you are not focusing on at the moment.

  • Place your non-dominant hand's pointer finger on your brow bone. To keep it taut, slightly raise the upper lid.

  • Make use of your dominant hand to draw the wing lines.

Step 7

Round out the outline. After all of the skin between the lines is covered, fill in the winged outline you just made with your pencil eyeliner. If you're going to eventually go over the pencil eyeliner with liquid liner, you don't need to be particularly thorough with this. To prevent skin crevices from showing through, apply the eyeliner as closely as you can to the eyelashes. The goal is to seamlessly merge your eyelashes and eyeliner.

Step 8

The inner eyelid line should be thicker. Use quick strokes of your eyeliner pencil to round the corner where your wing ends and the liner on the upper lash line to give the impression that the wing is naturally getting narrower as it approaches the eye. At the innermost corner, the eyeliner should be the thinnest, but it should also look as though it is progressively getting thinner in this direction.

Method 2: Outline Using a Guide

Step 1

To the outer corner of your eye, tape a small piece of paper. From the inner corner of your eye to the tip of your brow, the tape should run. The tape should go from your nose to the outside corner of your eye, then finish at the tip of your brow for further direction. Therefore, if at all possible, you should limit the tape's reach to the area from the corner of your eye to your brow.

  • Use the tape at a slightly more outward angle rather than a higher upward inclination if you prefer a subtler, less angled wing.

  •  Once you apply the tape, make sure it is firmly placed against your skin to prevent liner from showing through.

  • Hold a credit card or another small, straight-edged object against your skin at the same angle if your skin is too sensitive to be taped.

Step 2

Around the top lash line, use eyeliner. Draw a fine line over your upper lash line with a light eyeliner pencil. The top lash line and this line should be as near to one another as is practical. The line should be extended all the way to the tape's edge.

  • Work your way outward from the inner to the outside corner of your eye.

  • Since you will travel over the line again, it is not necessary for it to be very clean at this stage. At this point, a little roughness won't matter much, but you should avoid making the line excessively thick because doing so will make the finished product look chunkier and unattractively thick.

  • When doing this, keep your eyelid as flat as you can. If applying the liner with your face forward is difficult for you, lean your head back and maintain your eye just barely open.

Step 3

Using your pencil, trace the tape's edge. Draw an angled line down the edge of the tape, starting at the end of the liner and finishing just below the brow bone. Do not be scared to lightly coat the tape with eyeliner. The liner shouldn't seep through if you adhered it well enough. This is especially true if you're lining your lips with a light pencil. When finished, carefully remove the tape.

Step 4

Make the outside edge thicker than the inner edge by crossing the line again. Using your eyeliner pencil, go over the upper lash line and wing line once more. The inner corner should appear thinner than the outer margin.

  • Never begin at the very top of the wing. This section should be left as a fine point for aesthetic reasons.

  • The outer portion of the wing need to bend inward. The majority of your eyeliner should conform to the curve of your eye, but it should be somewhat thicker at the outermost point of your upper lash line and as thin as is practical at the innermost point.


For every makeup aficionado, creating a winged eyeliner look is a talent worth perfecting. This time-honored makeup style has been a favourite of many for many years and is still in style today. Everyone can master the perfect winged eyeliner with practice and patience, despite the fact that it could initially seem frightening. It's crucial to take your eye shape and personal style into account when creating a winged eyeliner look.

Practice drawing a wing that flatters your eye shape after choosing the appropriate eyeliner and brush. Always remember that adding more liner is simpler than taking it off, so start out lightly and gradually increase the severity. Ultimately, adding winged eyeliner to your eye makeup is a lot of fun and adaptable. You'll be able to perfect and personalize this timeless appearance with a little practice and experimenting.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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