How to Create a Glitter Makeup Look?

A fun and festive way to add some shine and sparkle to your look is using glitter makeup. Making a glitter makeup look can be a lot of fun, whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to try out a daring new look. We'll go over the procedures and methods for producing a glitter makeup look that is striking and durable in this article.

Step by Step Instruction to Create a Glitter Makeup Look

Following are the major steps to create a glitter makeup look −

Step 1

Choose the appropriate item. Glitter eyeshadow is a fantastic technique to create a dramatic, seductive look. There is a sizable selection of glittering eye-shadows available. Whatever colour of shadow you want is among the most critical factors to take into account. Consider using a shadow that closely resembles the colour of your skin if you want to achieve a more natural effect. Your eyes will appear to shine using this technique.

  • Remember that a smokey eye requires three tones of the same colour. Choose a cream, a light brown, and a sparkly dark brown, for instance.

  • Glitter eyeshadow can help you draw attention to the colour of your eyes. Use a cream tint to make brown eyes stand out. Use a reddish-tinted shadow to make green eyes appear glowing. Consider wearing a shimmering gold or copper colour if you have blue eyes.

  • A smoky eye can be made using any of these colour schemes. Gray complements a variety of complexion tones and is wonderful for smokey eyes. Brown eyeshadow is best for warm skin tones.

  • There are numerous variations of glitter eye makeup. Eyeshadow pencils, powders, and gels can all be purchased.

  • If you've never used glitter before, consider investing in an eyeshadow palette. You can experiment with various hues thanks to this.

Step 2

Amass your resources. Once you've selected the ideal glitter shadow, it's time to create the desired look. Make sure you have everything you need by taking a few moments. You'll need the shadow and a tool to assist you apply it initially.

  • You can apply eye shadow with a brush, sponge, Q-tip, or your finger. As a silicone brush is more durable and can support the weight of a glitter shadow better, many individuals prefer using one.

  • To assist you wipe up any errant glitter, keep tissues close by.

  • In case you need to take off the shadow and start over, make sure you have a soft eye makeup remover on available.

Step 3

Apply primer. You use a base called a primer before your actual makeup. Normally, it will be a transparent liquid, but occasionally, it will take the form of a powder or gel. Apply a small amount of shadow primer with your finger to each eyelid. Your shadow will have a smooth palette and remain longer as a result of this. Any drugstore or department shop sells eyeshadow primer. Never forget that less is more.

Step 4

Apply the foundation shadow. It's time to apply the glitter shadow to your eyes once you have prepared your instruments and your eyes. To achieve a striking impression, experiment with using several distinct hues. Apply a charcoal grey shadow first. To apply shadow on your lids, use a medium-sized brush.

Step 5

The outside corner of your eyes should be coloured with a slightly darker hue. This will aid in shaping a shape. The inner corner of your eyelid should now be highlighted by a small dab of the lighter shade.

Bring the darker tint further out onto your eyelid to make your eyes appear smaller.

Step 6

Your crease should be coloured. The hazy appearance is created by using various tones. Apply the deepest shade of your shadows, which is the same shade you used on your outer eyelid, next. Apply a thin line of black shadow with a brush along the crease of your eyelid. The smokey appearance will be enhanced as a result.

  • Keep in mind that adding shadow is simpler than removing it. Start with a smaller amount than you anticipate needing. There's always more you can do.

  • Combine the hues. The complementary colours can be blended to produce a softer but still powerful effect. You can use a brush or your finger for this stage. Each colour should be lightly blended together so that it loses its distinct hue.

Step 7

Color the lid's bottom. You must also pay attention to your bottom lid if you want to get a truly smoky eye. The shade to use for this phase is gunmetal. Along your lower lash line, apply shadow with a small, firm brush. Use a faint silver shadow to soften the overall effect to prevent the look from appearing too severe.

Step 8

Make your eyebrows shine. Currently, glitzy eyebrows are a prominent fashion trend. If you have a few specific tools, you can pull off the appearance. You will need a make-up-grade glitter, a glitter base (or lash adhesive), an eyeshadow brush, and an eyebrow brush. Use only glitter that is not designed for use in crafts or other projects.

  • With the brow brush, shape your brows. Next, apply the glitter base evenly across your brows using the shadow brush.

  • Apply the glitter to your eyebrow after dipping the shadow brush in it. Put glitter on your brows.

  • Make sure your entire brow is covered by the glitter by combing it through with the brow brush.

Step 9

Put on a sparkly eyeliner. Applying the remainder of your makeup comes when you have the correct eye shadow. Use an eyeliner with a sparkly shine for more flair. Even if you don't do a cat eye or smoky eye, this will improve the way you look. If you want the glitter eyeshadow to be the main attraction, choose a lighter liner. If you want a more smoldering appearance, use a bold black liner. You can experiment without committing to a whole glittering eye by using a glitter liner.

Step 10

Glitter your eyelashes. Glitter can be applied creatively on your eyelashes. You can experiment with a mascara that has a tiny amount of sparkle. These items come in a variety of colours and glitter concentrations. If you want your lashes to glitter more, try applying a coat. Use one coat of your regular mascara before using glitter if you want to ease into it. Apply a coat of glitter mascara next and wait for it to dry for 10 seconds. Consider wearing a glittering lipstick with the glittery mascara. You'll seem lively and festive.


A creative and enjoyable approach to add some shine and sparkle to your beauty routine is by creating a glitter makeup look. Anyone can create a daring and striking glitter makeup look with the appropriate tools and methods. Starting with a strong foundation and eyeshadow base will ensure that the glitter has a smooth surface to adhere to when creating a glitter makeup look. The glitter will stay in place and avoid fallout throughout the day or night if you apply a primer to your eyelids.

To create a striking and durable effect, use the proper glitter products, such as loose glitter or glitter gels. Using glitter goods near the eyes should be done carefully to avoid irritating or harming the eyes. All things considered, creating a glitter makeup look can be a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to try out new beauty trends. Anyone can create a stunning and attention-grabbing glitter makeup look by using these tricks and tips.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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