How to Create a Gradient Lip Makeup Look?

A current style that produces a subtle yet remarkable impact is a gradient lip makeup look. To achieve this look, combine two or more lipstick hues to give the lips a gradient look. It's a simple method that can be applied to a variety of situations, from a casual day out to a formal function. Anyone can create a stunning and distinctive gradient lip appearance with the appropriate equipment and methods.

What are Gradient Lips?

The gradient lip, often known as the "popsicle lip," has been popular in Korea for a while, but it has just recently become more popular in the West. It's a subtle aesthetic that gives one a more innocent and youthful appearance.

Step by Step Instruction for Gradient Standard/Dewy Look

Following are the major steps for gradient standard/dewy look −

Put Lip Concealer On

While creating a uniform canvas for you to work on later, concealer helps hide glaring lip lines or wrinkles. Additionally, it ensures that your darker lip colour pops out more. The best aspect of utilizing a concealer is that you don't have to figure out which two hues blend nicely together because your concealer should be flattering regardless of the darker colour you've picked for your gradient lip look and should match well with your natural skin tone.

Apply your Preferred Lip Colour and Gradually Increase the Intensity

Use a lip gloss or lip tint that creates a glossy effect and is simple to mix to achieve a dewy gradient lip look. Apply the lip product in the middle of your lips, near to your mouth, using a dotting motion. You might begin with a tiny quantity of the product and gradually increase it. To smear the colour, lightly rub your lips together next. Remember to apply a gently open-and-close motion rather than smudging it all over your lips to get the signature subtle gradient of Korean gradient lips. If you want a more intense look, use additional product and repeat the process until you have it.

Mix it Up

Finally, combine the colours to create a gradient that looks natural. You can use a cotton swab or your finger. To avoid removing too much product and reducing the intensity as intended, we like to use our fingertips.

Step by Step Instruction for Gradient Matte Look

Following are the major steps for gradient matte look −

Apply a Matte Nude Lip Colour

Use a matte-finished naked lipstick as opposed to concealer. This will enhance the matte appearance more. Smudge the naked lipstick out along the lip line to hide the beginning of the lip outline and create a natural-looking gradient lip effect. You can do this with a lip brush, cotton swab, or your finger.

Put On a Deeper Lip Colour

Apply a darker matte lip colour in the middle of your lips, very next to your mouth. Increase the intensity until you're satisfied with the result.

Consider performing this step with a lip brush if you discover that the lipstick bullet is too thick and makes it difficult to ensure that the colour is just covering half of your lips (especially if your lips are thin).

Blend It Up

The lip colours should be blended out similarly to Step 3 to achieve the dewy gradient lip appearance. As with not smudging the colours all over your lips, dab your lips together in an open and closed motion. To achieve a natural-looking gradient, you may also use your finger or a cotton swab to blend out the colour.


Exfoliate Your Lips

Being smooth and soft on the lips might enhance the "juiciness" that gradient lips are meant to emit. You don't have to exfoliate them every day, so don't stress. The maximum frequency that is typically advised is twice per week. Lip exfoliation will make your lips softer and smoother for improved lipstick application by removing dead skin cells. Some lip exfoliators also offer additional advantageous qualities like vitamins and antioxidants. Choose an all-natural lip scrub that you can make yourself with ease using sugar and coconut oil if you consider yourself.

Rub the lip exfoliator lightly over your lips in a circular motion for around 15 seconds to exfoliate them. Always remember to be gentle to avoid overly removing the skin from your lips, which can result in bleeding and scabs on your lips.

Apply Lip Balm

After removing the dead skin from our lips, it is time to restore the moisture that has been lost. To help nourish and regenerate healthy cells on your lips, search for lip balms that contain components like shea butter and olive oil. Avoid products that have menthol or other "cooling" chemicals because they may cause your lips to become even more dry. Apply lip balm to your lips and exfoliate your lips first thing in the morning before applying the rest of your skincare and makeup to give it time to absorb into your lips. Simply wipe off your lip colour with some tissue paper after applying it. Your lips will be much smoother, and getting those sought gradient lips will be much simpler.

Always Begin with a Small Amount of Product and Increase it Gradually

Building up the intensity of your gradient lips is usually simpler than attempting to take it away later. Beginners to Korean gradient lips may wish to first apply some product to the back of their hand before using their finger to slowly tap the product over their lips (whether they are using a concealer or a matte lipstick). It will take longer to complete the appearance, but you'll be less likely to make mistakes and the gradient will look more realistic.

Pick a Colour That Looks Well on You and Matches Your Skin Tone

Although it may seem obvious, we frequently overlook this. Because the gradient lip look is so alluring, people will focus on your lips if you start to wear it out. You should therefore take care to ensure that your lips stand out in the proper way. To choose the lip hue that suits you the most, you need to first understand what undertones you have. Warm red and orange tones are best for people with warmer undertones. Conversely, folks with colder undertones would look best with blue or purple-hued lip paints. Instead of just copying your favourite celebrity's lip look, follow this process to pick the perfect lipstick for your gradient lips (or any lip look, really). This will ensure that you own the lip look and make it flattering for yourself.

Be Sure to Maintain it Properly

Here's a method to help you keep your flawless Korean gradient lips looking great all day long after you've finished applying them. When your lips are rubbed together or when you are wiping your lips with a tissue, you are likely to destroy your gradient lips. To evenly distribute lip balm, for example, softly open and close your lips as opposed to moving them from left to right when doing so. To avoid damaging your gradient lip look, employ a dabbing motion if you need to clean up with a tissue.


A popular and adaptable approach to add dimension and intrigue to your lips is with a gradient lip makeup look. You can combine various lipstick hues tones to create a subtle yet eye-catching effect by following a few easy steps. With the correct equipment and methods, you can easily alter this appearance to fit any situation. The gradient lip method is a great way to experiment with your makeup and reflect your particular style, whether you're trying for a bold or natural look.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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