How long does it take to learn Python?

How fast can someone learn or excel in something completely depends on one’s interest in learning, dedication and persistence.

Now, how long does it take to learn Python depends on how much do you want to learn.

The basics of Python which include functions, loops, conditional statements, datatypes, etc., would take about one to two weeks on average for a newbie. Again, this depends on how much time do you devote and your persistence in learning.

If you aspire to learn Python in detail, it would take few months to learn Python. There is no end to learning Python as it is too vast and has its applications in many field which include Machine Learning, Deep Learning as well.

You can expect to spend few months learning Python to reach a point where you can solve programming problems in Python and become comfortable with the core Python concepts.

However, to be a master in Python, you need to be learning continuously throughout your career, since there are a hundreds of libraries, modules and frameworks which keep on evolving and improving.

Is learning Python hard?

Python is an easy language with short code. It is easy to learn Python because of less code. If you are new to programming, it is better to start with Python. It is considered one of the easiest programming language to learn.

Tips to learn Python

  • Start learning from the basics and in a proper sequence order. Do not jump into higher topics, skipping the basics. Doing so would lead to confusion and will mess up the things.

  • Do not only focus on the theory. After reading the theory and concepts, put those into practice. Write and run basic programs on your own as it will give you an idea about errors or exceptions which may arise. Only theory won’t be effective when it comes to learning a programming language.

  • Maintain continuity in learning and practice. Try to devote time on daily basis as continuity in learning makes the process interesting and easy.

  • Learn at your own pace. Do not try to grasp everything in a lesser time. Be ready to devote a few months if you really want to be good in Python.

  • After being confident of learning Python, solve coding questions in Python which will check your knowledge and command over the language and you will get to know if there is something you lack knowledge about.

  • Try building easy or medium level projects in Python.

Updated on: 11-Mar-2021


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