Getting help on Arduino Forum

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Often, you are stuck on somewhere and don't find any relevant help from a Google search. In such cases, you can post your question on the Arduino Forum and ask for help from the vast Arduino community out there. Please make sure that you are not posting any duplicate topics. It is good practice to first check that no topic similar to yours is already present.

In order to get help on the Arduino Forum, first sign up for an account on

Once you log in, you will see this screen −

Click "New Topic". The following window will open up.

You need to provide a title, select a category, and provide a description. As soon as you provide the title, as you can see from the image above, topics similar to your topic are suggested. It is recommended that you go through these topics and post to the forum only if the existing topics don't resolve your query.

The description editor is a rich text editor. It can help you format text, insert quotes, code snippets, bullets, and even upload files. Make sure you use these features to make your question as detailed and structured as necessary.

Once your topic is posted, you will be notified once you get replies. The Arduino community is huge, and hopefully your query will be resolved soon. Of course, you can use the forum not only for posting questions, but also for general discussions.

Updated on 26-Jul-2021 11:22:37