Top Tips for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp continues to impress all and sundry as it brings employees, employers and customers together on the same bandwagon. Touted as the world’s fastest messaging app, this exceedingly engaging communication app has an estimated half a billion regular users to its fame. Let me run some numbers for you- More than 700 million photos are being shared by users each and every day. In addition, more than 100 million videos are being shared every day. These numbers are expected to touch new heights.

To all intents and purposes, WhatsApp can be the medium through which any content can be communicated and this can indeed become a global fad. In this article, I bring to your knowledge a few valuable tips to use WhatsApp to grow your business. Here is a brief run-down on the same:

Run Promotions − WhatsApp is nothing short of a godsend tool for marketers looking to initiate promotions and create a buzz around their brand. If you think WhatsApp is only for text messaging, may be ignorance is all bliss for you. You can run promotions on WhatsApp by using a feature named Voice notes. You can use Mp3 audio and run some visuals. And yes, there is also a WhatsApp broadcast feature that allows you to target relevant customer segment. Moreover, sending text messages via SMS (Short Messaging Service) has its own boundaries. WhatsApp successfully transcends any existing boundaries. There aren’t any severe data restrictions imposed on WhatsApp. For example, a digital file such as a digital pamphlet or an e-brochure cannot be sent via SMS. It can however be sent on WhatsApp.

One-to-one Personal Touch − How about sharing information on latest deals, festive coupons and deep discounts? WhatsApp can be used as a mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application. If a customer has been loyal to your brand, it is time that, you have rewarded him with some WOW moments. As WhatsApp is available on every smartphone and accessible from every corner of the world, instant customer attention and support on a one-to-one basis is no longer a distant dream. Of course, concerns can be addressed on Facebook groups, Twitter profiles, discussion forums etc. However, all these platforms are not as personalized as WhatsApp. If the concerns of the customers are addressed quickly, customers spread the good word and continue to stay loyal to your brand. It must be remembered that customer satisfaction and business promotion always go hand-in-hand.

Profile Matters the Most − To create an everlasting impression, you cannot dish away the importance of visuals. The best-selling item or the best-selling apparel should ideally be your profile picture. Alternatively, to trigger the anxiety of customers, you can set the picture of items yet to be released as your profile picture. The uploaded profile picture should be complemented with an eye-catchy profile status. For example, if you are into manufacturing and selling shoes, you may take a snap of a pair of polished shoes and set it as your profile picture. An ideal status may be- “These good shoes take you to good places.” Such complementary statuses will grab the attention of your target customers. Half the battle is thus won!

Market Survey − Earlier, market research analysts and marketers used to rely extensively on questionnaires. Customers were given lengthy questionnaires and were asked to fill them. More often than not, this used to make a one-to-one activity where a member of company used to visit the residences of customers to solicit opinions. Thanks to WhatsApp, market surveys on WhatsApp are taking precedence over such conventional marketing mechanisms, and more so in a transforming global market where customers’ needs for relatedness and gratification are instantly met.

Internal Team Communication − Let me justify the sanguine perspective of using WhatsApp for internal team communication. Salesforce and marketing teams can communicate with each other in a cost effective way by using WhatsApp. What all one requires is continuous access to the internet. Moreover, to share any instant updates on delivery of items, plan of action etc., or alerts, WhatsApp should ideally be your best bet. In addition, you can ideally do away with lengthy mobile calls. If you have to make a call to your customers, you can leverage WhatsApp calling feature. Customer meetings can be fixed and deadlines can be conveyed to all staff members. You can keep in touch and motivate your staff by sending sweet, simple and inspiring messages all at free of cost.

Talking in terms of business development perspective, WhatsApp can be used with Facebook as a powerful social media marketing tool. Businesses generally mention their WhatsApp numbers on advertisements, websites and various groups. Customers can contact the businesses via WhatsApp numbers. This is what people call ‘WhatsApp marketing’.

This dollar-a-year coveted application undoubtedly requires a place in small business toolbox. With a twinkle in my eye, let me draw the curtain close on an optimistic note that WhatsApp services should ideally be integrated with brand management strategy, brand positioning and brand promotion.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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