How can India create more salaried jobs?

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India is a developing country. Got bored of hearing this again and again, right? For it to be a well-developed country, India needs to focus more on developing its economic status. India has less than one-fifth of workers who are in salaried employment.

More job creation would boost up India’s rank in Global Prosperity ladder. India is still in lower middle-income status which needs some salaried jobs to boost its status. The economic survey 2017-18 says if the per capita income in India grows at 6.5% per year, India would reach upper-middle-income status by the mid-to-late 2020s.

In my view, a few things should be concentrated to guarantee a great scope of job creation in India.

  • Indian youth of lower income sections is lacking skills to get employment and hence they have to be trained well, to make them job-ready.

  • The Academic qualifications of current students are not sufficient to meet the skill-set and hence practical knowledge has also to be improved.

  • Foreign investments and industries should be encouraged.

  • Employment and Labour laws should be revised.

To improve the economic standards and revenue generation in the country, more salaried jobs have to be created.

Published on 18-Jan-2019 07:10:35