How Can I Run Python in Atom?

Developers that want to combine the strength of a powerful text editor with the adaptability of Python programming can use Atom as their development environment. Python can be used in Atom to write, edit, and run code in one location, speeding up the development process. We'll walk you through the quick setup procedures for Python in Atom in this article.

Step 1: Install Atom

You must first get your hands on the Atom text editor before you can begin running Python in Atom. Globally, developers use Atom, a very well-liked, open-source, free text editor created by GitHub. Atom can be downloaded without difficulty from its official website at

Step 2: Install the Atom Package Manager (APM)

The next step after installing Atom on your PC is to complete your setup by including the Atom Package Manager (APM). By serving as Atom's package manager, APM enables you to manage and install packages that improve Atom's functionality. Launch Atom and select the APM option from the Atom menu to install APM. For the APM command-line tool to be installed, select "Install Shell Commands." You will use this program to install packages in Atom as you require them.

Step 3: Install the Atom-Runner Package

You may now run code right from the text editor with the help of the amazing Atom-Runner package. Given that it supports a wide range of computer languages, including Python, this package is excellent for running Python programs. Open your terminal and enter the command below to install the Atom-Runner package −

apm install atom-runner

Step 4: Configure Atom to Use the Atom-Runner Package

Once the Atom-Runner package is installed, the next step is to configure Atom to use it. To do it, select "Preferences" from the Atom menu. Choose the "Packages" tab in the preferences and locate the "Atom-Runner" package in the list. When you find it, click on it to open its settings and make sure the "Enabled" checkbox is checked. This will allow Atom to use the Atom-Runner package for running your code.

Step 5: Write and Run Your Python Code

You are prepared to create and run your Python code now that Atom and the Atom-Runner package are installed. Simply open a new file in Atom, enter your Python code, then save the document with a .py extension. Select your code and hit "Ctrl + Shift + B" to execute it when you're ready. In a new panel at the bottom of your screen, the Atom-Runner will then execute your code and display the results. Simple as that!


We hope this article has made it clearer to you how to use Python with Atom. You can now write, run, and debug your Python code all in the same environment thanks to the Atom text editor and the Atom-Runner package. For developers looking to improve workflow and productivity when using Python, this configuration is a true time saver. Try it out to see how simple and convenient it is to run Python in Atom!