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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - The default delimiter in hive to separate the element in STRUCT is

A - '\001'

B - '\oo2'

C - '\oo3'

D - '\oo4'

Answer : B


The four default delimiters are − \n for record separator,

001\ for field separator

002\ for element separator in ARRAY or STRUCT

003\ for element separator in MAP

Answer : D


As it is hive managed table both the data and schema definition are dropped.

Answer : B


Partitions of a table creates more subdirectories under it.

Q 4 - If the schema of the table does not match with theĀ  data types present in the file containing the table then HIve

A - Automatically drops the file

B - Automatically corrects the data

C - Reports Null values for mismatched data

D - Does not allow any query to run on the table

Answer : C


Hive always tries to read the data as it is Schema on Read.

Q 5 - The performance of an aggregate query is improved by setting which of the following property as true?

A -

B -

C -

D -

Answer : B


SET = true;

Answer : A


Hive is case insensitive

Answer : C


When files are not splitable , querying them becomes inefficient.

Q 9 - The explode() function in hive takes an array of input and iterates through it returning each element as a separate row. This is an example of

A - Standard UDF

B - Aggregate UDF

C - Table Generating UDF

D - None

Answer : C


SELECT explode(array(1,2,3)) AS element FROM src;

so it is table generating function

Q 10 - Calling a unix bash script inside a Hive Query is an example of

A - Hive Pipeline

B - Hive Caching

C - Hive forking

D - Hive Streaming

Answer : D


In this type of streaming the code resides in the script being called and Hive is not aware of the code.