F# - Environment Setup

The tools required for F# programming are discussed in this chapter.

Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for F#

Microsoft provides Visual Studio 2013 for F# programming.

The free Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition is available from Microsoft’s official website. Visual Studio 2013 Community and above comes with the Visual F# Tools. Installation details available at Asp.net Tutorial .The Visual F# Tools include the command-line compiler (fsc.exe) and F# Interactive (fsi.exe).

Visual Studio Installer

Using these tools, you can write all kinds of F# programs from simple command-line applications to more complex applications. You can also write F# source code files using a basic text editor, like Notepad, and compile the code into assemblies using the command-line compiler.

You can download it from Microsoft Visual Studio. It gets automatically installed in your machine.

Writing F# Programs On Links

Please visit the F# official website for the latest instructions on getting the tools as a Debian package or compiling them directly from the source − https://fsharp.org/use/linux/.