Framework7 - Overlays



Framework7 provides different types of overlays to work with the applications smoothly. The following table lists some of the Framework7 overlays −

S.No Overlay Type & Description
1 Modal

Modal is a small window that display the content from separate sources without leaving the parent window.

2 Popup

Popup is a popup box which displays the content when the user clicks on the element.

3 Popover

To manage the presentation of temporary content, the popover component can be used.

4 Action Sheet

The Action Sheet is used to present the user with a set of possibilities for how to handle a given task.

5 Login Screen

Overlay login screen is used for displaying the login screen format which can be used in page or popup or as a standalone overlay.

6 Picker Modal

Picker modal is used to pick some custom content which is similar to the calender picker.