Framework7 - Layouts



Framework7 provides different types of layouts for your application. It supports three types of Navbar/Toolbar layouts −

S.No Layout Types & Description
1 Static Layout

The static layout is most often used layout-type and includes navbar and toolbar, which can be a scrollable page content and each page contains its own navbar and toolbar.

2 Fixed Layout

Fixed layout includes its own navbar and toolbar, which can be visible on screen and cannot be scrollable on page.

3 Through Layout

In this layout, the navbar and the toolbar appears fixed for all pages within single view.

4 Mixed Layout

You can mix the different types of layouts in the single view.

No Navbar/Toolbar

If you do not want to use navbar and toolbar, then do not include appropriate classes (navbar-fixed, navbar-through, toolbar-fixed, toolbar-through) to page/pages/view.