Foundation - Base Typography Accessibility


Foundation provides the following guidelines to access the content of the page.

Text vs. Images

It is not possible to read an image and text inside an image. You can use the actual text over the text in graphic. In addition, text in an image cannot be resized by a browser like a normal text. You can use the alt attribute of the image to read the text.


The low vision users can read only if there is a high contrast between color of an element text and its background. The minimum recommended contrast ratio is 4.5:1. There are no automated tools for checking color combination, but you can check the color contrast using the tool such as WebAIM color contrast checker.

Type Size

You can use the rem and em units for font size, padding, margins etc. The user can ensure the text size by scaling up and down the units and able to resize the browser up to 200%. The Foundation uses rem-calc() function which takes pixel values and convert them to rem values.