Explain how bats use ultrasound to catch a prey.

To do:

To explain how bats use ultrasound to catch prey.


Bats catch their prey at night by using ultrasonic waves, let us discuss how a bat gets able to catch his prey:

How a bat catches its prey by using ultrasound waves:

A bat uses the phenomena of the reflection of sound to catch its prey. Let us see how-

  1. Bats emit high-frequency ultrasonic waves while flying.
  2. And these emitted ultrasonic waves are reflected back from the prey.
  3. A bat isten to the echoes produced by the reflection of their own squeaks from their prey.
  4. From the time taken by the echo to be heard, bats can judge the distance of the prey in their path.
  5. By judging the distance and location of its prey, a bat catches its prey.

Let us see the image below that shows a bat using ultrasonic waves to catch its prey:


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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