How is ultrasound used for cleaning?

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To explain how ultrasound is used for cleaning.


Ultrasound waves can be used to clean those parts of a machine or objects that are very hard to reach clean. Objects such as odd machine parts or spiral tubes are very hard to reach and such objects are by using ultrasound waves. Let us know how ultrasound waves can be used to clean objects:

Process of cleaning objects using ultrasound waves:

The following process is used for cleaning the objects by using the ultrasound waves:

  1. The objects that are to be cleaned are kept in the cleaning solution
  2. The ultrasound waves are passed through the above solution in which the object is kept for cleaning.
  3. When the solution is subjected to ultrasonic waves, the ultrasonic waves start to stir up the dust/dirt particles.
  4. On getting stirred up the dust/dirt particles get detached and the object is thoroughly cleaned.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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