Ethanoic acid was added to sodium hydrogen-carbonate solution and the gas evolved was tested with a burning splinter. The following four observations were reported:

(a) The gas burns with the pop sound and the flame gets extinguished.
(b) The gas does not burn but the splinter burns with a pop sound.
(c) The flame extinguishes and the gas does not burn.
(d) The gas burns with a blue flame and the splinter burns brightly.
The correct observation is reported in :
(1) (a)       (2) (b)(3) (c)        (4) (d)

Correct answer: (3) (c) The flame extinguishes and the gas does not burn.

Explanation: When ethanoic acid is treated with sodium hydrogen carbonate, carbon dioxide gas is evolved which produces effervescence. If carbon dioxide is tested with a burning splinter, the flame extinguishes and gas does not burn.

The chemical equation for the reaction is given below:

$NaHCO_3 + CH_3COOH → CH_3COONa + CO_2 + H_2O$


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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