Electrical Machines Tutorial

Electrical Machines Tutorial

Electrical Machines is a core subject within electrical engineering discipline that deals with the design, operation and applications of energy conversion devices. A system that converts electrical energy into other forms of energy is known as an Electrical Machine.

The purpose of the tutorial is to introduce and explain the fundamental concepts in Electrical Machines, which include Basic Concepts of Electromechanical Energy Conversion Devices, Transformers, DC Machines (Motor and Generator), Induction Motors, and Synchronous Machines (Alternator and Motor).


The target of this tutorial is electrical engineering students. It is good resource to help them gain knowledge on fundamentals of electrical machines.


This tutorial is meant for novice readers. Almost anyone with a basic knowledge of elementary physics and electric circuits can make the most of this tutorial. It is difficult to avoid complex mathematics at some places, although we have tried to keep it at a minimum level. Therefore, it is expected that the readers are comfortable with mathematical equations.