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Top Popular IoT Applications in Smart Farming

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 14:57:49
Introduction Technology use in agriculture in recent times is at relatively unthinkable levels. Various new agricultural technology location gadgets are on the horizon, and their appearance is promising. But now, IoT has entered the concept as a with-it agrotechnology way to its magnified use. What is Smart Farming? A high-tech, capital-extensive approach to developing meals sustainably and cleanly for people is thought of as smart farming. It's part of up-to-date ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) implemented in agriculture. A gadget is made in IoT-primarily based natural farming to adjust the irrigation gadget and screen the rural area mistreatment sensors (light, ... Read More

Difference between Cash Crops and Food Crops

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 11-Jul-2022 08:18:41
Crops are plants that are grown and harvested by the farmer for consumption purposes or to gain profit. Cash crops and Food crops are the different kinds of crops with notable differences between them.What are Cash Crops?Cash crops are crops that are grown with the intention of obtaining profit by selling them. These crops can either be consumed directly or processed into other final products.Cash crops largely contribute to the setting up of institutions that enable more commercialization. These crops not only offer employment opportunities in many communities but also helps the farmers in the generation of capital.A few examples ... Read More

What is a fertilizer? Is the use of chemical fertilizer beneficial or harmful?

Tejas Charukula
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25
A fertilizer is basically a chemical or natural substance that is added to the soil or land in order to increase its fertility and get more yield of the crops and also fastens the pace of growth of the crops.Natural fertilizers are those which we can obtain naturally such as cow dung, where chemical fertilizers are are those fertilizers that have to be made using chemical substances and then used on the plant.Let us discuss the effects of using chemical fertilizers over natural fertilizers and whether it is beneficial or not.Chemical FertilizersChemical fertilizers are high in nutrients content such as ... Read More

How cow dung is useful for agriculture?

Tejas Charukula
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25
Human beings started to cultivate the land almost 6000 years before Christ. With the birth of agriculture in the world, the man has started to use bovines such as cow dung for the work in the fields. After using these manure materials for a period of time then they had eventually discovered that the nutrients and the minerals that are present in the cow manure are very good and essential for the enriching of the soil. Since the birth of human civilization, cow dung has been used as a natural fertilizer.CharacteristicsWhen the cow dung was being mixed into the soil ... Read More

How do wind turbines work?

Ridhi Arora
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Wind power is one of the most abundant cost-competitive energy resources.Definition of A Wind TurbineA wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy. Most wind turbines have three main parts: the tower, the blades and the nacelle.Working of the Wind TurbineAfter the wind approaches the turbine and its rotors spin around They turn the central drive shaft which is its supporter.In modern turbines, the pitch control mechanism is observed. It is a methodology in which the rotor blades can swivel on the hub at the front.The generator extracts the kinetic energy from the spinning ... Read More

What type of filters are recommended for farmers?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:50:09
I think you mean water filters here. If so, it can be tricky to find out a good dirty water filter and filtration system, which suits your requirements. In my opinion, we have to first find out how much the water is exactly dirty. Does it have hard solids or soft solids? Is there any quantity of living organisms?Following are the filter to purify water with a low concentration of solids:Y-Strainers, Cartridge filters, Sand and other media filters.Filters for Low Medium Concentration of Solids:Y-Strainers, Cartridge filters, Rotor flush Self-Cleaning filters, Sand and other Media Filters, Self Cleaning Screen Filters and ... Read More

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are very harmful for humans. Despite that, why isn’t the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides becoming popular?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 14:29:16
Organic fertilizers are increasing in popularity as consumers realize the benefits it gives to their health and the environment. You can find separate counters in almost all stores specifying organic food and organic vegetables. The only fear that is keeping consumers away is that of bugs and pests and how to get rid of them.The question - which of the two fertilizers, organic or chemical, is better, raises a lot of debate. Both have their own benefits as well as drawbacks. There are many significant differences when you consider the long-term effects on the soil and environment.There are many terminologies ... Read More

Why are farmers constantly committing suicide in India?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 07:56:25
In India, a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes. This is a very serious issue for the country where the farm sector, which employs around 265 million people or about 55% of the total workforce in the country. The sector has been in decline for quite some time now and the government of the day hasn't been able to change the situation even after four years in power although it keeps making noises about taking different steps to improve the situation. Around 285, 000 farmers have committed suicides in different parts of the country in the last 18 years, which ... Read More

Will the poor policies of the Indian governments soon invite the end of farming in India?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 07:56:40
No, thankfully that's not going to happen. On the contrary, farming in India will get redefined before long. However, it's true that governments have done very little to improve living conditions in rural India ever since independence. Almost 70% of our population still lives in villages and that itself indicates how economically backward we still are.Need to Generate New Options for LivelihoodIn any other middle-income economy, that percentage would just be the opposite, with 70% of the population living in urban and suburban areas, which indicates an industrial economy. To be honest, our farmlands are overpopulated and there is a ... Read More

Is it true that farming is no more a profitable business in India?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 09:25:59
That's not true because there are still many farmers who are making very good profits. Of course, it depends on what your approach toward farming is, where you're doing your farming, how you're doing it, which cropping pattern you have chosen and why have you chosen it?If you've gone into farming with the objective of making a quick buck, then you better not get into it because it's more likely that you'll lose all your investment capital let alone make a quick profit. Farming is a long-term occupation and if you want to do well in it, you must dedicate ... Read More