Django rest-framework JWT authentication

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If you ever worked with Django REST framework, then you surely know about JWT authentication. JWT authentication is used for token authentication and it is really a popular method for authentication in Django. JWT stand for JSON Web Token. Let's see how to work with it.

First, install a package −

pip install djangorestframework-simplejwt
pip install djangorestframework

We are not going to need an App for this, we will just do a basic setup for Django REST framework frontend and authentication backend.


In, add the following −


Here, we added the rest_framework and JWT auth framework as an app and for authentication backend, we added JWT auth.

In project's

from django.urls import path
from rest_framework_simplejwt.views import (
urlpatterns = [
   path('api/token/', TokenObtainPairView.as_view(), name='t
   path('api/token/refresh/', TokenRefreshView.as_view(), na

Here, we added two extra urls, one is for generating token in with username and password and the other is for authentication using generated token.


Published on 25-Aug-2021 13:09:50