Difference between supervised and unsupervised learning.

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Machine learning defines basically two types of learning which includes supervised and unsupervised. As name suggested in supervised learning a supervision is provided or available on the basis of which one can identify whether learning is on right track or not. While in case of unsupervised leaning no such supervision is available and whatever is learnt is on the basis of one's intellectual and general inception. This topic of distinguishing both of these learning would be difficult to cover under tabular form but we will try -

Sr. No.KeySupervised LearningUnsupervised Learning
1Basic implementationIn supervised learning both input and output variables are provided on the basis of which the output could be predicted and probability of its correctness is higher.On other hand in unsupervised learning only input variables are provided and no output variable are available due to which the outcome or resultant learning is dependent on one intellectual observation.
2AlgorithmsIn case of supervised learning algorithms are trained or used using labelled input data which means the data itself have somewhat information about itself and would help in learning.While in case of unsupervised learning algorithms are used against data which is not labelled and hence user has to label the data according to its understanding.
3ComplexityAvailability of input parameters along with labelling over them makes the supervised learning less complex as compare to unsupervised learning.On other hand as only unlabelled input parameters are available and user has to label them by itself this makes unsupervised leaning more complex as compare with supervised leaning.
4Accuracy and correctnessAs supervised learning is treated as highly accurate and trustworthy method so the accuracy and correctness is better as compare to unsupervised learning.On other hand unsupervised learning is comparatively less accurate and trustworthy method.
5Environment RequirementAs labelled input parameters are available which makes supervised learning method to takes place off-line.On other hand unsupervised learning method takes place in real time.
Published on 10-Jan-2020 07:36:42