Difference between Product and Process in software development

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The product is the final outcome of the software development process. A product is built on the customer's requirements/requests.


The process is a set of steps that are to be followed to create a product. A process is a template that can be used to create multiple products in a similar fashion.

The following are some of the important differences between Product and Process.

Sr. No.KeyProductProcess
1ConceptThe product is the final result of a development cycle.The process is a sequence or set of steps that should be followed to create a product.
2FocusProduct development focus is on final outcome.The process focuses on each step to be followed during software product development.
3LifeA product life cycle tends to be in the short term.A process life cycle is generally long term.
4GoalThe main goal of product development is to finish the work and get the product delivered successfully.The main goal of a process is to make a good quality products.

Published on 16-Apr-2020 06:21:43