Difference between Hardware and Software.

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Hardware, represents the physical components of a computer like its electronics parts. For example, CPU, Memory, Hard Disk, Monitor, Printer, Mouse, etc.


Software, represents the program(s) which perform different tasks on a computer system. It is a programming code which is executed by CPU, which can takes instructions from input devices like keyboard, mouse, and can show output on output devices like monitor, printer etc. Examples are MS Word, Google Chrome, Photoshop etc.

Following are the important difference between Hardware and Software.

Sr. No.KeyHardwareSoftware
1TypeHardware is a set of physical parts of computers which actually executes the instruction.Sofware is a program or set of instructions which are to be executed by CPU to do the intended task.
2DevelopmentA Hardware is manufactured in factories.A software is developed, engineered by software development companies.
3DependencyA hardware cannot do any task with a software instructing it.A software cannot execute if underlying hardware is not present.
4TangibleA hardware can be touched being a physical electronic device.Softwares being digital can be seen but cannot be touched.
5CategoriesHardware categories: Input Devices, Output Devices, Storage Devices, Internal components of CPU and motherboard.Software categories: Programming Softwares, Application Softwares, Operating Systems.
6Virus impactHardware remain unaffected by viruses.Software is affected by virus being primary target.
7Digital TransferA hardware can be only physically transferred.Software can be transferred electronically.
8ReplacementIf hardware gets damaged, it is replaced with new one.If Software get damaged, it is reinstalled.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 07:59:19