Difference between Navy and Air Force

Both Navy and Air Force are national defense systems. Their main motto is to protect the nation from other forces. There are many defense systems like the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. The President of India serves as Supreme Commander of the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army.

These two forces have unique missions, duties, and capabilities. The Navy is mostly in charge of naval operations, which include the safeguarding or protection of the nation’s coastlines and major waterways as well as the transport of military personnel and supplies. The Air Force is mostly in charge of air operations, which include the safeguarding or protection of the nation’s air power projection, mobility, and defense.

Read this article to find out more about Navy and Air Force and how they are different from each other.

What is Navy?

The main responsibility of Navy is to defend a nation’s maritime interests and protect the security of its coastal waters. It responds to humanitarian situations like natural disasters. Its size and capabilities can range from small coastal patrol fleets to huge, technically advanced fleets that are deployed all over the world. It contains surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and support and logistics vessels. The workforce of the Navy consists of active-duty service members, civilians, and contractors.

The Navy inspires citizens and serves as a source of pride for the country. The size of the Navy varies depending on the country's size, income, location, and military policy.

The Navy is designated for naval warfare and military operations at sea. The Navy's operations are conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, seaborne aviation, and submarines. It was founded in 1830. Admiral R. Hari Kumar is the president and chief of the Indian Navy.

What is Air Force?

The major duties and responsibilities of Air Force are air defense, superiority, airlift, mobility, intelligence, and surveillance. The aircrafts which are operated by the Air Force are fighter jets, cargo planes, surveillance planes etc.

Active-duty Airmen, Guard and Reserve Airmen, and civilians are the personnel of the Air Force. To perform their responsibilities and ensure the security of the nation, airmen must undergo extensive training. To maintain global peace and stability, the air force must collaborate with other armed services and alliances.

The air force collaborates with the army, navy, and marine corps to efficiently carry out the missions and give ground forces or troops the support they are needed. It collaborates with the RAW, NIA, and other government organizations to provide intelligence and reconnaissance support.

The Air Force is designated for aerial warfare and military operations in the air. It has fighter jets, helicopters, transports, and bombers, etc. It is also responsible for communications equipment, military space, and missiles. It was founded in 1932. The Present Chief of the Air Force is Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary.

Difference between Navy and Air Force

The following table highlights the major differences between Navy and Air Force −



Air Force


The Navy is mostly in charge of the naval operations, which include the safeguarding or protection of the nation’s coastlines and major waterways as well as the transport of military personnel and supplies

The Air Force is in charge of air operations, which include air mobility, air power projection, and air defense.


responsible for protecting the ports and the sea

responsible for protecting the sky and space


It controls the entry and exit of the sea ports

It carry out control and planned bombing

Command System

It contains their own command system

It comes under army command

Size of Aircraft

Navy pilots use the small aircraft

Air Force uses the larger and bigger aircrafts

Pilot Wings

Navy pilots are given the gold wings

Air Force pilots are given silver wings


In conclusion, the main difference between these two forces is the area of operations. The Air Force operates in the air and space, on the other hand, the Navy functions primarily on and underneath the water. Both forces are important to maintain the nation’s security and essential part of the defense system of the nation.

Additionally, the Air Force and Navy are assigned separate duties and responsibilities. For example, the Navy Force is responsible for securing the nation's seaborne trade, while the Air Force responsible for air dominance and strategic bombing.

Updated on: 02-Mar-2023


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