Difference between IP Address and MAC Address

MAC Address and IP Address, both are used to identify a computer on a network or on internet. MAC address is provided by NIC Card'd manufacturer and gives the physical address of a computer. IP address is provided by Internet Service Provider and is called the logical address of a computer connected on a network.

Following are some of the important differences between MAC Address and IP Address.

Sr. No.KeyMAC AddressIP Address
1Stands forMAC Address stands for Media Access Control Address.IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address.
2SizeMAC address is a six bytes hexadecimal address.IP address is a 4 bytes, IPv4 or 6 bytes, IPv6 address.
3Address retrivalMAC Address of a device can be figured out using ARP Protocol.IP address of a device is figured out using RARP protocol.
4ProviderNIC's Card Manufacturer provides the MAC Address.Internet Service Provider, ISP provides the IP Address.
5Address TypeMAC Address is a physical address.IP Address is a logical address.
Published on 06-Jan-2020 06:45:36