Difference Between Hypertext and Hyperlink

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Hypertext and Hyperlink are related terms associated with navigation over computer network but they have a different meaning. One major difference between the hypertext and hyperlink is that the hypertext is a data which when clicked redirects us to some other location, while the hyperlink is a link to a computer resource embedded in the hypertext. Therefore, we can state that the hyperlink is an internal part of the hypertext.

In this article, we discuss all the important differences between a hypertext and a hyperlink. Let's start with some basics of hypertexts and hyperlinks.

What is a Hypertext?

A text (or a graphics) over which a link to a computer resource such as a webpage is embedded is called a hypertext. The term hypertext was first introduced by Ted Nelson in 1956. The hypertext was invented to implement the concept of cross-reference in the computer technology.

Nowadays, the hypertext is widely used in the field of Internet technologies to link the worldwide computer and web resources together. Hypertext provides the facility of random access of data, instead of sequential access.

What is a Hyperlink?

A link to a computer or web resource embedded in a hypertext is known as a hyperlink. Hyperlink is a URL (address) of a computer resource which is hidden under a text, image, video, etc. When the hyperlink is clicked to activate it, it redirect us to a landing page whose URL is embedded. Thus, hyperlink defines a connection between a hypertext and a target document.

In practice, when we search for a keyword (say for Tutorials Point) on google, we get a list of words present in the blue color. All these texts are called hypertexts and these hypertexts contain hyperlinks of different webpages of tutorials point.

Difference between Hypertext and Hyperlink

The following table highlights all the major differences between a hypertext and a hyperlink −

Hypertext Hyperlink
Hypertext contains the non-linear linkage from text to information of a specific kind. References are used with hypertext or hypermedia in hyperlink.
Hypertext deals with text only. Hyperlink can contain text, media, audio, video, images, graphics and much more.
The information directed by hypertext generates related information only The link directed by hyperlink can contain unrelated information as well.
Hypertext can contain hyperlink. Hyperlink consists of URLs.
Hypertext is associated with keywords. Hyperlink is associated with anchor tags.


Both hypertext and hyperlink are interrelated terms that are widely in the internet applications to link different web resources together. The hypertext is basically a simple text that contains a link which redirects the user to somewhere else on the computer network. While the hyperlink is a link that allows users to navigate between difference computer resources like webpages.

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