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Excel hyperlink tutorial: create, change, use and remove in Excel

To the best of our knowledge, hyperlinks may be utilised to browse between different websites on the internet. You may access a web page by using a hyperlink that you make in Excel. You can also construct a hyperlink that links to a cell, worksheet, or workbook, among other things. To assist you in rapidly acquiring proficiency with hyperlinks in Excel, this lesson will progressively walk you through the processes of creating, changing, using, and removing hyperlinks.

Create hyperlink

In addition to using the Insert Hyperlink command, the HYPERLINK function is another option for you to consider when creating a hyperlink in Excel.

=HYPERLINK(Location_Link, [Name_of_Reference])

Location_Link − is the path to the file or website that should be accessed. This is a necessary field. It is possible to make a reference to a particular cell or named range inside an Excel worksheet or workbook using this term.

Name_of_Reference − refers to the text or value that will be shown in the cell and is an optional field. In the event that the reference name is not provided, the link location will be shown in the cell as the linked text instead. It might be a value, a text string, a name, or a cell that includes the jump text or value. All of these options are possible.


You may use the HYPERLINK function as shown below to build a hyperlink to a text file with the name "test_file.txt" that is located in the path: " D:\My_Name\Documents\My_files ".

Choose the cell where you want the hyperlink to appear, type the formula below into it, and then click the Enter key.

=HYPERLINK("D:\My_Name\Documents\My_files\ test_file.txt

Change hyperlink

After you have created a hyperlink, you may find that you need to adjust it in some way, such as changing the link content or position, changing the link's look, or changing the link's route. This will walk you through the steps of solving each difficulty one at a time.

Step 1

Choose the cell that contains the hyperlink, right-click on it, and choose Edit Hyperlink from the context menu, or press the Ctrl and K keys on your keyboard.

Step 2

After making the necessary adjustments to the settings in the Edit Hyperlink dialogue box, you can then save your work by clicking the OK button.

Remove hyperlink

Using the Delete Hyperlinks built-in tool that is included in Excel, you can quickly and conveniently remove all hyperlinks from a specified range or from an active page.

You may delete all of the hyperlinks from a range by selecting the range, right-clicking any cell within the range, and then selecting Remove Hyperlinks from the context menu.

Alternately, you may click the Home button, followed by the Clear button, and then choose Remove Hyperlinks. This step is not present in Excel 2007 or any of the versions that came before it.