Difference between Holography and Photography

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Holography is a technique to generate 3-dimensional images using interference and diffraction of light. It uses a coherent and monochromatic source of light. A hologram is needed to regenerate an image.


Photography is a technique to generate 2-dimensional images of 3-dimensional objects. A reflecting light after striking the object reacts with the chemical coating of the film. A lens is required to focus the object on the photographic plate.

Following are the important differences between Holography and Photography.

Sr. No.KeyHolographyPhotography
1ConceptHolography is a technique to generate 3-dimensional images.Photography is a technique to generate 2-dimensional images.
2PhenomenonInterference and diffraction of light is used in holography.Reflection of light is used in photography.
3RequirementA coherent and monochramatic light is needed.No specific light need.
4LensNo lens is needed.Lens is required to focus an object on the plate.
5Information CapacityInformation Capacity is high.Information Capacity is less as compared to holography.
6SuperimpositionMultiple images can be superimposed onto each other.Multiple images can't be superimposed.
Published on 28-Nov-2019 10:09:13