Difference between Food Processor and Blender

Food processors and blenders are kitchen appliances that perform and look the same. These two are used for food preparation. Blenders are used to blend liquid and semi- liquid foods such as smoothies, mixes, liquid puree, and more. Where food processors are used to process liquid and solid foods such as nuts, meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Read this article to find out more about Food Processor and Blender and how they are different from each other.

What is a Food Processor?

Food processors are kitchen appliances that can perform different functions, such as slicing, shredding, chopping, pureeing, and others with high speeds. It helps to prepare your food faster. The food processor can successfully accomplish any of these tasks in quick time, making it an indispensable kitchen tool.

Smaller processors have limited functionality but work well for very specific and small tasks. Food processors have various blades that perform various functions, which include kneading dough with a blade rather than a hook.

A food processor has several key components

  • The motor that powers the appliance is housed in the unit's base. The motor usually has multiple speed settings and is controlled by buttons or a dial.

  • A large bowl or container with a lid that fits securely onto the base is also included with the food processor. The bowl can be detached for easy cleaning and is made of plastic or metal. The bowl may also include a feed chute, allowing users to add ingredients while the appliance is still running.

You can get food processors of the following types −

  • Hand-Operated Food Choppers

  • Mandolines

  • Blenders

  • Coffee Grinders

  • Vegetable or Meat Grinders

  • Commercial Food Processors

  • Mixer

  • Juicers

Different Ways to Use a Food Processor

You can use a food processor in the following ways −

  • They are used to make dips and spreads.

  • Nuts and seeds are grinded.

  • Used to make dough for pastry and bread

  • They are used to chop and dice.

  • It is used to make puree for the cooked vegetables and fruits.

  • To make smoothies

What is a Blender?

Blender is one of the kitchen appliance that used to perform tasks such as mix, crush, puree, blend, and ingredients of liquid. It is used to make different kinds of recipes such as sauces, dips, and smoothies.

A Blender is used for blending the solid and liquid ingredients. The blender can't function properly if the pitcher is filled with ingredients, and they are not able to handle the dry ingredients.

Blenders are made up of several key components. The motor that powers the blender is housed in the blender's base. The motor usually has multiple speed settings and is controlled by buttons or a dial. It contains a large container, which is made up of glass or plastic.

When selecting a blender, consider the motor power, container size, blade type, and overall durability of the appliance. Some blenders come with additional features such as pre-programmed settings, variable speed controls, and automatic shut-off safety features.

The following types of blenders are available −

  • Immersion

  • Commercial Blenders

  • Blender bottles

  • Countertop Blender

  • Personal Blender

  • Stand Mixers

  • Kitchen System Blender

Different Ways to Use a Blender

You can use a blender in the following ways −

  • They are used to blend liquids.

  • Used to crush ice

  • Used to make smoothies, milkshakes, and protein shakes

  • They are used to grind coffee, spices, and nuts.

  • It is used to make puree for the cooked vegetables and fruits.

  • It is used to make hummus.

Difference between Food Processor and Blender

The following table highlights the major differences between Food Processor and Blender −


Food Processor


Water Usage

Requires very little or no water

Requires enough water to blend


Up to 14 cups of capacity

The capacity is up to 4–5 cups.


It can process both liquid and solid ingredients

It can process liquids and semi-liquids

Types of blade

It has various types of blades

It contains a fixed blade


Low cost

High cost


Mixing, shredding, chopping, pureeing

Mix, crush, blending, puree


In conclusion, blenders are used for blending and mixing such things as smoothies, soups, and milkshakes. They can also crush ice and make purees, but they are not as effective as food processors at chopping, slicing, and shredding solid foods.

Food processors are used to perform various tasks, and they contain various types of blades. These blades are used for different types of tasks such as slicing, shredding, and solid food such as fruits, meat, and nut.

Blenders are the best choice to blend liquids and semi-liquids. On the other hand, food processors are the best choice to handle wide range of food tasks.

Updated on: 02-Mar-2023


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