Differentiate between a single processor and a multi-processor.

The major differences between single processor and multi-processor are as follows −

ParameterSingle Processor SystemsMultiprocessor Systems
DescriptionThe name itself is saying that the single processor system contains only one processor for processing.For this also the name itself indicates that the multiprocessor system contains two or more processors for processing.
Is there any use of Co-Processors?There is a use of a coprocessor in single processors because it uses multiple Controllers which are designed to handle special tasks and that can execute limited instruction sets. For example − DMA Controller.Multiprocessor uses two types of approaches −
In Symmetric Multiprocessing every processor performs all the tasks within the operating system.
In Asymmetric Multiprocessing one Processor will acts as a Master and Second Processor act as Slave.
Throughput of the systemThe Throughput of single processor systems is less when compared to multiprocessor systems because every task is performed by the same processor.The Throughput of Multiprocessor systems is greater when compared to single processor systems.
Suppose if a system contains N processors then its throughput will be less than N because synchronization must be maintained between two processors and they also share resources which increases a certain amount of overhead.
Cost of the processorSingle processor systems cost is more because here every processor requires separate resources.Multiprocessor systems cost less than equivalent multiple single processor systems because they use the same resources on a sharing basis.
What is the Design Process of the processor?It is Easy to design Single Processor Systems.It is difficult to design Multi Processor Systems because Synchronization must be maintained between processors otherwise it may result in overloading of one processor and another processor may remain idle at the same time.
Reliability of the systemSingle processor system is less reliable because failure in one processor will result in failure of the entire system.Multiprocessor system is more reliable because failure of one processor does not halt the entire system but only speed will be slowed down.
ExamplesMost Modern PCs.Blade Servers.