Difference Between Classification and Regression

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In this post, we will understand the difference between classification and regression.


  • It gives out discrete values.

  • Given a group of data, this method helps group the data into different groups.

  • This grouping is done based on different criterion.

  • It is unordered.

  • The mapping function is used to map values to pre-defined classes.

  • Example are: Decision tree, logistic regression.


  • It gives continuous values.

  • It uses the mapping function to map values to continuous output.

  • It is ordered.

  • It has dependent and independent variables.

  • It tries to find a best fit line.

  • It tries to extrapolate the graph to find/predict the values.

  • It is done using the root mean square error method.

  • Examples are: Regression tree (Random forest), Linear regression

Published on 25-Mar-2021 05:51:57