Difference Between Classic and Fad in Fashion

Fashion is a dynamic term that keeps changing like the season. Likewise, it has a beginning time, rising time, declining time, and an end time, which is technically known as fashion cycle. Therefore, based on the duration of its life cycle, fashion is classified as classic fashion, fad fashion, fast fashion, etc. So, in this article, we will discuss the meaning of classic fashion and then fad fashion, and then we will understand the basic differences between classic fashion and fad fashion.

What is Classic Fashion?

Classic fashions, as the name implies, are those designs and styles that remain in the market for an extended period of time, and if they do, they return as high fashion after a period of time. When it comes back, one may notice some minor changes or alterations in design and style. However, the basic or fundamental line of style remains the same (the original one). So, it is basically the all-time favourite style. Some people or professions wear the same designed dresses all year, which is known as classic fashion.For example, the common dresses of Indian political leaders, i.e., Kurta, Payajama, and Bandi, are classic fashion. Inspired from the political leaders’ dresses, many times, fashion designers design these Kurta and Payajama in modern style or combination with some modern dresses, such as Khadi Kurta and faded jeans or a designer’s kurta with a creatively designed payajama.

Some other examples of classic fashion are black suits for men; navy blue trousers; white or light blue; light yellow color shirts; black leather shoes; and black belts are the typical all-time favourite fashion, as they can be worn in the office as well as at parties or any official or casual occasion. For women, body-fitting salwars and kurtas. And for married women (especially Hindu married women), simple designed light-colored saris with half sleeve blouses, simple earrings, and bindi are the typical classic fashion.

What is Fad Fashion?

The literal meaning of the word "fad" is "a passionate and widely shared enthusiasm for something, a craze or an interest followed with exaggerated zeal, but for a short period of time." And, we know fashion means creatively and attractively designed dresses and other accessories, including jewellery, footwear, handbags, etc. So, fad fashion is the creatively designed dresses and/or accessories that arrive on the market with full swing and demand but for a short period of time. It means, in the beginning, such fashion has very high demand in the market, everyone demands it; but in a few weeks or a couple of months, it simply disappears. People forget and shift to other fashions.

What is Difference Between Classic Fashion and Fad Fashion?

The following table illustrates the major differences between classic fashion and fad fashion −

Classic Fashion Fad Fashion
Fashion cycle period of classic fashion is very long. Its fashion cycle is very short.
It starts with normal demands. It starts with very high demand. As soon as it comes in the market, people buy it quickly.
People of mature age and other office going people largely prefer it. Largely, youth or college going people buy it.
It comes, stays for a long period of time, and then goes, but after an interval, with a small alteration in design, it comes again. It comes with high demand, stays for a few weeks or a couple of months and then disappears for ever. There is the least chance of a second-time arrival.
Its design, colors, and style are almost fixed. Its design, colors, and style are highly variable.
Normally Classic colors are white, black, grey, or other such light color. Fad colors are usually bright and very colourful, which involves many colors. In addition to this, other colors are ivory, beige, brown, navy, khaki, etc.
Classic patterns are plane, stripes, checks, polka dots. Fad patterns are printed, animal print, floral print, etc.
Classic fabrics are cotton, silk, etc. Fad fabrics are chiffon, jersey, or other synthetic fabrics.
Classic dresses are, suits, formal pants, formal shirts, blazer, etc. for men and body fitting salwar suits, saari, etc. for women. Fad dresses are Ripped Jeans, printed loose shirts, tennis skirt, etc.

This universal true that no fashion exists for ever; every fashion comes, stays and disappears. However, a few fashion designs stay for a very long period (known as classic fashion); on the other hand, a few fashion designs disappear in a few weeks or months only (known as fad fashion).


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