Difference between Android and HTC

The Android OS was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. HTC is a Taiwan company which is manufactured and produced the mobile devices like smartphones which is powered by the Android. In general, HTC is a hardware which is powered by the Android devices, and Android is a software platform.

The OS of Android is used on a wide range of devices such as the tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones. It is an open source software and the manufacturers can use it in their products for free. The products of various vendors or manufacturers are in the market who uses the android operating system. HTC is one of the company which serves the android software for a different hardware.

Read this article to find out more about Android and HTC and how they are different from each other.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system which is written by using the Java and C Programming, and google brought the Android. Its works on a variety of gadgets, similar as smartphones, tablets, and boxes. With a request share of further than 80 in numerous nations, it's presently the most extensively used mobile operating system worldwide. In the time 2008, the Android was first released by the Google.

Google services, which includes the Gmail, Google Charts, and the Google Play Store, a virtual app store where users can download and install applications, is one of the Android's identifying characteristics. By downloading and installing several" launchers," users can change the look and sense of their device thanks to the operating system's high position of customization.

Android has a huge and active developer community that works to make the operating system better and produce a wide variety of third- party apps which can be downloaded and used on Android- powered devices. Android is grounded on an open- source framework, programmers have access to the source law and are free to modify it as they see fit.

Android provides a wide range of features, which includes the following −

  • The home screens, app icons, and contraptions on Android may all be customized.

  • Android's has the ability to run on various applications simultaneously which makes the users to shift between tasks.

  • Android is an open-source operating system; users are free to make custom ROMs (modified operating system performances) for their gadgets.

Android is a flexible, open source mobile operating system that's well-liked, supported by a larger, active developer community, and extremely flexible.

What is HTC?

Taiwan's HTC Corporation, originally known as High Tech Computer Corporation, is a producer of consumer electronics. The devices that HTC designs and manufactures are what the firm is most known for. As one of the pioneering manufacturers of smartphones with big touchscreens and other cutting-edge technologies, HTC has a long history of producing the high-quality mobile devices.

HTC produces fitness trackers, virtual reality headsets, and other consumer goods in addition to smartphones. The business is well-established across a number of continents, which includes the Asia, Europe, and North America.

The focus HTC devices pay to design and build quality is one of their main points of differentiation. HTC is renowned for creating smartphones with sleek and fashionable designs, premium components, and durable hardware. The business has also led the way in mobile innovation, provides the features like expansive touchscreens, high- resolution cameras, and slice- edge audio technologies.

The smartphone request has seen lesser competition in recent times, and HTC has found it risk to hold onto its request position. Despite this, the company is making high- quality products and is concentrated on growing its request share in the wearable technology and also in the virtual reality sectors.

HTC is an estimable manufacturer of consumer electronics which is known for creating ultra-expensive smartphones and the other mobile gadgets. With a strong emphasis on design and invention, HTC is committed to delivering its consumers with the top- quality goods.

Difference between Android and HTC

The following table highlights the major differences between Android and HTC −





It is an Operating System which is developed by the Google.

It is an consumer electronics company which is based in the Taiwan.

Product Type

It is an OS type of product

The Type of Product is Manufacturer


Android support for the following devices like Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches, and the other smart devices

HTC support for the following devices like Smartphones, Virtual Reality which is also known as the VR, headsets, and the consumer electronic devices


Android is widely used throughout the world on wide variety of gadgets which are produced by the different vendors

HTC is mostly known for making the premium cellphones, and they also make other consumer electronic gadgets


It provides the user friendly interface operating system for the smartphones

HTC design, develops the smartphones and the other electronic items

Base of the User

As we all known it is one of the most popular operating system in the world, due to that the user base is increasing rapidly all over the world

Comparing to the Android its user base is less, because it mostly focuses on the specific regions and the certain segments of the market


Customizable is possible due to the presence of wide range of the applications

Customization is limited when we compare it to the Android, but it can be customizable through the user interface


In conclusion, it should be noted that in the world of mobile technology, HTC and Android are two separate companies. HTC is a consumer electronics business which designs and produces the mobile devices, and the notably smartphones. On the other hand, Android is an open-source mobile operating system. The primary difference between the two is that the HTC produces hardware for Android-based handsets, While Android is the software platform.

HTC is known for creating high-quality devices with an emphasis on design and build quality, even though Android is well-known and extremely adaptable. Millions of devices worldwide use the Android as their operating system, and HTC offers hardware that gives users an upscale and fashionable way to use the Android platform.

In general, both Android and HTC are significant participants in the field of mobile technology, and their combined efforts gives the user a strong and customizable mobile experience.