Construct an ER diagram for the Library management system(DBMS)?


Draw an ER model for library management application considering the following constraints −

  • In a library multiple students can enroll.

  • Students can become a member by paying an appropriate fee.

  • The books in the library are identified by a unique ID.

  • Students can borrow multiple books from subscribed libraries.


Follow the steps given below to draw an ER model for the library management application −

Step 1 − Identify the entity sets

The entity set has multiple instances in a given business scenario.

As per the given constraints the entity sets are as follows −

  • Book

  • Publisher

  • Member

  • Section

  • Granter

Step 2 − Identify the attributes for the given entities

  • Book − The relevant attributes are title, author, price, Isbn.

  • Member − The relevant attributes are Name, Bday, MID, address, phone, age.

  • Section − The relevant attributes are Sid, name, phone.

  • Publisher − The relevant attributes are name, phone, Pid, address.

  • Granter − The relevant attributes are phone, name, Nic, post, address.

Step 3 − Identify the Key attributes

  • Sid is the key attribute for the section.

  • Mid is the key attribute for member entities.

  • Isbn is the key attribute for a book entity.

  • Pid is the key attribute for a publisher entity.

  • Nic is the key attribute for a granter entity.

Step 4 − Identify the relationship between entity sets

  • Multiple books are arranged in a single section and one section has multiple books. Hence, the relationship between book and section is many to one.

  • One member borrows multiple books and multiple books can borrow a single person. Hence, the relationship between member and book is one-to-many.

  • One publisher can supply multiple books and multiple books can be supplied by a single publisher. Hence, the relationship between publisher and book is one-to-many.

  • One granter can grant multiple members and multiple members can grant a single granter. Hence, the relationship between grantor and member is one-to-many.

Step 5 − Complete ER diagram

The complete ER diagram is as follows −

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