Christian Audigier: “King of Jeans”

Christian Audigier was the most charismatic personality in the history of the fashion industry. He had made himself a true fashion icon and a business man within just four years and had created a unique identity and history in the fashion industry and also a self-made identity among celebrities. Christian Audigier is the designer of nine well-known and popular brands, including Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Rock Fabulous, Paco Chicano, SMET, Crystal Rock, C-Bar-A, Savoir Faire, Evel Knievel, and others. These include US and international wholesale distribution markets, US retail stores, and international retail stores, all with sixty licenses worldwide. He proved and showed how to be a leader and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. The "King of Jeanes"s jeans styles are so unique and one of a kind that Christian Audigier won a name like that for his amazing creations.


Christian Audigier was born in Avignon, France. He lived with his mother, a brother, and one sister, and he always wanted to help her with her work and with her siblings. He started earning from an early age to support his family. He was a loving and caring son and brother and never said his family was his burden. There is not much information found about his education, but whatever he learned, he learned how to live a king-sized life and made himself an example for those people who are always searching for an excuse for incapability and lack of talent.

Christian Audigier was a very loving and caring family person. He always loved spending quality time with his children and girlfriend, Nathalie Sorensen. Christian Audigier was a very charming personality who lived every moment of life with passion and love. He loved to ride motorcycles, which was another passion.

When Christian Audigier was a young boy, he wanted to be a singer. People used to listen to the Rolling Stones, rock and roll, etc., and he also liked to watch various movies and loved to read famous biographies of prominent people like James Dean and Dean Martin. He was fond of New York styles and designers; his favourite American fashion designer was Michael Kors.

Christian Audigy's Works

Christian Audigier He started his career with MacKeen Jeans and became very popular. He has collaborated with some very successful brands like Fiorucci, Diesel, NafNaf Bisou Bisou, Levi's, and American Outfitters.

Christian Audigier's success started with the brand Ed Hardy. Holding Ed Hardy's hand, he established his empire in the fashion industry, reached the top of the fashion world, and became an icon. Besides Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier owns several clothing brands like Crystal Rock, The Same Guy, Smet, C-Bar-A, Rock Fabulous, and with his name brand, also Christian Audigier, etc. Christian, the "Godfather of Tattoos." Don't you think Ed Hardy created a world of tattoos and designer clothing celebrations? Madonna, Britney Spears, Kanye West, and many more other celebrities like to wear his unique and marvellous designs, which are frequently weird. More than five hundred celebrities, musicians, and athletes have followed his style. Christian Audigier opened nightclubs at Treasure Island in Las Vegas and again proved he is a pro.

His perfumes are well-known throughout the world. Ed Hardy’s most famous and magical perfumes are :

  • Ed Hardy Love & Luck for women,
  • Ed Hardy Love & Luck for men,
  • Ed Hardy Men’s EDT for men,
  • Ed Hardy Women’s EDT for women, etc.

"I believe celebrities are the best drivers for trends," "The more they wear my stuff, the more it is going to be seen by the people." In a 2007 Times interview, conducted by Christian Audigier.

One of his friends said, "Christian Audigier always wanted to be surrounded by celebrities and always put himself around them." He was close to famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, etc.

In an interview with the London Observer in 2009, he said, "I promote myself to sell my brands." Because now I am a kind of celebrity, I am in a different world than the fashion industry. I am with Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. "I built myself as a celebrity."


Popular as the "King of Jeanes" Christian Audigier died at young age, but his many contributions to the fashion world are remarkable and unforgettable. Though he left the world early, he created his own identity single-handedly and put his name on the pages of history. Christian Audigier was a celebrity lover, fun-loving and a caring family parson. Thus, here, in a short note, he briefly describes his life and deeds carefully.