Celebrities And Hairstyles

Celebrities and their hairstyles often make headlines and set trends in fashion and beauty. From daring and bold cuts to creative and intricate braids, celebrity hairstyles are constantly evolving and inspiring fans around the world. From Hollywood to Bollywood, celebrities use their hair to express their individual style and make a statement on the red carpet or in the public eye. With their fame and influence, celebrities play a significant role in shaping the hair and beauty industry, and their hairstyles are often emulated by fans and beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

How Celebrities' Hairstyles Influence Fashion

Celebrity hairstyles have a significant impact on fashion and beauty trends, as they help to set new standards and establish what is considered fashionable and stylish. When a celebrity debuts a new haircut, color, or style, it often becomes the subject of media attention and public discussion. This, in turn, leads to increased interest in the look as people seek to imitate and adopt the style for themselves.

Additionally, celebrities often work closely with fashion designers and beauty brands, helping to promote and popularize their products. This further amplifies the influence of celebrity hairstyles, as fans seek to emulate not only the look of the celebrity but also the products and tools used to create it. Overall, the hairstyles of celebrities have a profound impact on fashion, influencing the choices of individuals as well as shaping broader cultural trends and attitudes towards beauty and style.

Most Famous Haircuts Worn by Celebrities

Here are some of the most famous haircuts worn by celebrities −

Pixie Cut

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn and later by Halle Berry, a pixie cut is a short, chic, and sophisticated haircut that frames the face.

Bob Cut

The bob cut, popularized by the likes of Louise Brooks and later by Victoria Beckham, is a timeless and versatile haircut that can be styled in a variety of ways.

Long Layers

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have made long layers a classic, feminine, and effortless hairstyle.


Braided hairstyles such as French braids and cornrows—have been popularized by celebrities like Bo Derek, Zendaya, and Beyonce.


Formal updos, such as the classic bun or chignon, have been worn by many celebrities on the red carpet, including Grace Kelly and Jennifer Lopez.


From natural curls to defined ringlets, celebrities such as Diana Ross, Solange Knowles, and Yara Shahidi have made curly hair a statement look.

These are just a few of the many hairstyles that have been made famous by celebrities. Whether sleek and simple or bold and braided, celebrity hairstyles continue to inspire and set trends in the world of beauty and fashion.

Celebrities Who Set Trends with Their Hairstyles

Here are a few celebrities who have set trends with their hairstyles −

  • Madonna's ever-changing hairstyles, from her cone-shaped bustier to her famous blonde hair, have set trends and inspired fashion for decades.

  • Lady Gaga's unique and often avant-garde hairstyles, including her dramatic bow wigs and neon-colored locks, have helped to push the boundaries of beauty and fashion.

  • David Bowie's androgynous and eclectic hairstyles, including his signature lightning bolt and orange hair, helped to define the glam rock movement.

  • Prince's innovative and eclectic hairstyles, from his curly Afro to his slicked-back hair, have inspired fashion and beauty trends for generations.

  • Taylor Swift's classic and feminine hairstyles, including her signature curls and sleek side-parted bob, have set trends and become popular among young women.

  • Jennifer Lopez's glamorous and often daring hairstyles, from her cascading golden locks to her sleek and chic bobs, have helped to establish her as a fashion and beauty icon.

  • Zendaya's bold and edgy hairstyles, from her faux locs to her gravity-defying updos, have become popular among young women and helped to set new trends in beauty and fashion.

  • Rihanna's fearless and innovative hairstyles, from her pixie cuts to her brightly coloured extensions, have inspired fashion and beauty trends around the world.

  • Beyoncé's elegant and versatile hairstyles, from her long, flowing tresses to her sleek and sophisticated updos, have become iconic and helped to set new standards in beauty and fashion.

  • Katy Perry's playful and eclectic hairstyles, from her cotton candy pink locks to her dramatic and oversized wigs, have helped to establish her as a fashion and beauty icon, inspiring countless trends and styles around the world.

Most Iconic Hair Styles of Celebrities

Here are some of the most iconic hairstyles worn by celebrities −

  • Marilyn Monroe's Blonde Bombshell Curls − Marilyn Monroe's signature platinum blonde hair and bombshell curls have become iconic looks.

  • Elvis Presley's Pompadour − Elvis Presley's slicked-back, quaffed hairstyle became synonymous with 1950s rock and roll.

  • Farrah Fawcett's Feathery Flip − Farrah Fawcett's layered and feathered hairstyle in the 1970s was a major trendsetter.

  • David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust Mullet − David Bowie's bright red mullet and eclectic fashion style as Ziggy Stardust made him a legendary icon.

  • Madonna's Blonde Waves − Madonna's curly blonde hair, often styled in a half-up, half-down look, became an iconic part of her image in the 1980s.

  • Prince's Purple Rain Afro − Prince's oversized, curly afro in the film "Purple Rain" is one of his most memorable hairstyles.

  • Britney Spears' Bald Head − In 2007, Britney Spears made headlines when she shaved her head in a public display of personal turmoil.

  • Jennifer Aniston's "the Rachel"—Jennifer Aniston's layered and feathered haircut from her role on "Friends"—was wildly popular in the 1990s.

  • Halle Berry's Pixie Cut − Halle Berry's short, sassy pixie cut became a sensation after she wore it to the 2002 Academy Awards.

  • Princess Diana's Side-Swept Bangs − Princess Diana's signature looks included side-swept bangs and soft, bouncy curls.

  • Beyoncé's Blonde Bob − Beyoncé has sported a variety of hairstyles over the years, but her blonde bob with swooping bangs has become one of her most iconic looks.

  • Michael Jackson's Single Glove − Michael Jackson's white glove, black fedora, and slicked-back hair became synonymous with his style and image.

  • Kim Kardashian's Long, Straight Hair − Kim Kardashian's long, straight hair and contoured makeup have become a staple of her look.

  • Rihanna's Bold Hair Colors − Rihanna is known for her fearless and often daring hair choices, from a fiery red bob to a striking navy-blue crop.

These hairstyles have not only become famous because of the celebrities who wore them, but they have also inspired and influenced trends in hairstyles and beauty. These hairstyles have become synonymous with the celebrities who wore them and have made a lasting impact on popular culture and fashion.


In conclusion, celebrities and their hairstyles continue to be a major influence in the world of fashion and beauty. From iconic cuts and styles to innovative trends, celebrities have helped to define and shape the standards of beauty and style, inspiring fans around the world to experiment with their own hair and try new looks. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or an edgy and contemporary style, there's sure to be a celebrity hairstyle that speaks to you and helps you express your unique sense of self.

Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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