Can I use free templates on a monetized blog?

New to the world of blogging? Want to kick-start with some amazing graphics to enhance your visual aesthetic? Canva is the place for you. But a question that bugs most bloggers new to Canva is – "Can free templates be used on a monetized blog?" Let's discuss....

Can we use free templates in a monetized blog?

With reference to Canva’s license agreement, all images, videos, and music that is available on Canva can be used both commercially and noncommercially. So, yes, free templates can be used on a monetized blog as long as some kind of personal input in the form of edits and modifications are made on the template.

But the following points need to be kept in mind −

  • The raw template design available on Canva cannot be used in your blog; there should be some personal input to those templates and then you are free to use them.

  • And stock images from Canva cannot be used on your blog without any kind of edits performed on them

As long as these conditions are satisfied, you are free to use these free templates available in Canva in whatever way you want.