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The art of writing quality content is a virtue that many fail to possess. Despite writing genuine content and publishing it on blogs regularly and religiously, an area of concern that seems to be plaguing bloggers is that of HTTP traffic. Honestly speaking, getting huge HTTP traffic is not a child’s play. Building a blog is easy but building a blog with significant traffic is challenging.

In this article, I would like to share my wealth of experience as a blogger and without any further ado, let us dig into the top 5 techniques that increase your blog’s traffic –

Ask Influencers to Write Guest Posts: If you want to witness a rapid growth in the HTTP traffic, the strategy of asking influencers is to write guest posts fits well with your expectations. Influencers generally have a rich following and more often than not, influencers are thought leaders. It all boils down to creating a hit list of influencers.

The first step is to identify a few influential bloggers in your niche. Reach out to them either on Twitter or Facebook. It may be a bit trickier to get their contact information. However, with smart efforts, fetching the email-ids of social media influencers should never be a gargantuan task. Ask them to pen down an article everyday on your blog. Slowly and steadily, decrease the frequency of their articles and in the meantime, start publishing your own articles. By doing so, you are projecting yourself as a thought leader to all the blog’s visitors. Needless to say, you have to pay some handsome amount to the influencers.

Diversify your Content: Once you have drafted a masterpiece, do not forget to embed a couple of eye-catchy images in your article. Infographic content is often shared by many viewers. Convert your article into a PDF or an e-document. Complement it with a video. It is suggested to maintain a dedicated YouTube channel to upload videos that are associated with your articles.

Whenever an article is complemented with a video (s), readers flock to your blog. For example, AIB – India’s comedy collective, openly expressed its disapproval on Facebook’s Free Basics initiative and voiced its opinion against Free Basics on various blogs. Its YouTube video which became the cynosure of all eyes and in no less than a week, the blog posts garnered the attention of all educated minds.

Use Quora and Reddit: Quora is an intellectual ‘Question or Answer’ platform. Use Quora to answer questions pertaining to your business niche. You may use references from your own blog posts to answer few questions. For example, you may mention a simple sentence, this particular answer has been heavily borrowed from one of my previous insightful write-ups on XYZ. You may view the original post here – (something like this). It is all about earning a decent number of followers on Quora. If people like your answers, they start following you. You can convert them into your blog advocates and thus increase your blog’s HTTP traffic.

Reddit, the front page of internet, is a community of well-read audiences. In this, you have to identify the sub-reddits that are more or less related to your niche. You have to share your blog posts on those sub-reddits and consequently promote them. Alternatively, you may mail the e-documents or PDFs to the registered members of sub-reddit community.

Social Media Benefits: When the entire world is going digital, it would be a disadvantage if you do not popularize your content on various social media platforms. Let me begin with Facebook. Maintain a Facebook page and keep your audiences engaged by posting infographic content on the page. Make your content viral on various Facebook groups. Similarly, post insightful and hilarious tweets on twitter. You can use for generating leads. You can bank on premium features and use advanced filters to scout out all relevant communities. Publish a part of your article on the communities and end it with a note – You may read the other half of this write-up here – . This will enhance your blog’s HTTP traffic.

Target your Competitors’ Audiences: There is nothing wrong in targeting your competitors’ audiences. Use SEMRush tool to identify who your competitors are. Analyze the traffic of your competitors’ blogs and identify what keywords are wielding the baton of magic for them. Search for similar keywords and the next time you think of drafting an article, include those keywords and ensure that your article is jam-packed with keywords. Now comes into picture the concept of targeting customers with comments. Whenever readers comment on your competitors’ blogs, just reply to the comments and spread the good word of your blog. For example, you may drop this sentence as a reply to the comments. For example: “Hi X, here is an interesting perspective which you may cherish reading. Please visit this link-“. Hoping that with these 5 top tips, your blog’s traffic will increase by leaps and bounds.

Don’t focus on having a great Blog, Focus on producing a Blog that’s great for your readers. ~ Brian Clark.

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Updated on: 23-Jan-2020


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