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The poem ‘Beauty’ talks about the various aspects of ‘beauty’ in general. According to the poet E-yeh-shure, beauty can be seen everywhere and in every object; every creature and every human being on this earth is beautiful in its own way. The Beauty can be witnessed through the advent of the warm sunlight that looks like a divine sheen from heaven blessing us with fortitude and energizing every creature throughout the day. The birds crooning from the trees about the tales of their days and golden harvest waving to the tunes of blowing wind are simply enchanting.

The poet says beauty is not just a trait to witness through the eyes; it is to be felt by all our senses. The rain that bathes the earth and the petrichor of the first rain is mesmerizing to the soul.

Everybody on earth has their own share of beauty. It lies in the sight of the beholder of a pious mind who loves nature. It can be witnessed in the night drenched in the white moonlight and beauty can be heard in the silence of the nocturnal times. Poet says, beauty lies within oneself that an individual can nurture through good deeds, hard work and even at rest.

Beauty is everywhere to be seen, felt and cherished to experience the beauty of life itself. Everything and everybody is unique in them and are beautiful in their own rights.

The poet says, “Beauty is heard in …” Can you hear BEAUTY? What do you is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful?

It can be inferred in a manner that beautiful melodies can be heard and felt to make them sound beautiful. For instance, the tune of guitar and sitar, the crooning of cuckoos and nightingales, and the sound of raindrops in the silence of the night is accompanied by the crackling of crickets in the bushes. The sound of a soft breeze blowing by your ears and tussling your hair feels heavenly and soothing.

The lines written by the poet imply that imagination can traverse beyond the horizon of the beauty of reality. The melodies that can be heard are beautiful but the ones unheard are enchanting.

Using your ideas along with the ideas in the poem, write a paragraph about BEAUTY

The aspect of beauty likes every and it only waits to be witnessed. Hence, a line that is commonly heard around is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The lines are an epitome of the trait of beauty being witnessed by an individual. Everything that can be observed in nature can be cherished and loved. It only needs a person to look at the surrounding with good intentions. A good heart reflects on the notion derived from the objects and happening to be seen around. A person with a good heart will find beauty in everything that can be witnessed in everything around. The trees, humans, rivers, birds everything in nature are beautiful in their own respective ways. One needs to wish to look through them. The first rays of the sun brighten the terra with a divine golden ray, the first rain bathing the dirt and grime of earth rejuvenating the plants, birds and humans alike. The crimson glitters of the dusk benign sprinkled on the river, birds returning back to their abode of nests. A person sitting quietly on a bench in a park enjoying a relaxing eve is all-beautiful in their own way. The beautiful sight around makes one wonder about the beauty of the earth and hence it needs to be preserved for future ones to come.


Q1. How the Darkness of the Night is considered beautiful?

Ans. The night is beautiful in its own way. The serene silence away from the day, the floating clouds under the bright moon and mesmerizing. The glittery stars wrapped the black sky with a blanket of comfort. Insects and birds chirping to the tunes of melancholy, and the owls hooting about their nocturnal tales are soothing to the ears. For most of them, all the captivating silence gradually weighs their eyelids and helps people sail to the distant island of dreams is beautiful n its own way. All these traits make the nocturnal times as beautiful as the light and sight of the day.

Q2. Can Beauty be seen around cities?

Ans. It might become strenuous to find beauty in the hustle and bustle of the cities, the cemented jungle bound by the shackled lifestyle. However, they are captivating in their own way. The comfort of lifestyle, accessibility to different facilities and entertaining events around make the cities beautiful on their own merits.

Q3. Can Beauty be found in the winds?

Ans. The beauty in winds cannot be seen, it is to be felt. The passage of breeze through the gap of windows, wind howling by the ears and tussling the hair feels like a living pat by Mother Nature. It rejuvenates not only the body but the soul of an individual as well. The breeze blowing through the grass field is an enchanting sight to behold, the dancing golden harvests and dancing grasses enhance the essence of the wind.

Q4. How does the poet emphasise the Beauty of Good Deeds?

Ans. There is beauty in every person; it only needs to be cultivated to be seen around. Despite the circumstances generally, people are good at heart which reflects through their good deeds. People who do well and intend to do good for the people make humanity beautiful as a whole. Most importantly, People make the earth beautiful by helping others and by living in harmony with one another.

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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