Miss Earth Beauty Pageant

The annual Miss Earth pageant raises awareness of environmental issues. Carousel Productions, Inc. thought beauty queens would be good and effective advocates for deserving causes because many people look up to them and strive to be a beauty queen. To make this vision a reality, Carousel Productions, Inc. organised and launched the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant in 2001. The purpose of this beauty competition was to have its contestants and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.

The Miss Earth title is given to the winner of the Miss Earth Beauty pageant, and the runners-up are given the titles Miss Earth Air, Miss Earth Water, and Miss Earth Fire. With the exception of 2010 (Vietnam) and 2015, the Miss Earth pageant has been held annually in the Philippines since its inception.

Carousel Productions

The Miss Earth and Miss Philippines Earth beauty contests are presently owned and managed by Carousel Productions, Inc. The yearly occasions are created in collaboration with ABS-CBN Corporation. The company is headquartered in the Philippines. The company’s headquarters are in Manila, Philippines. The production offers national franchises and international television rights for the pageants. Ramon Monzon serves as the organization’s president, and Lorraine E. Schuck serves as the executive vice president.

Miss Earth Foundation

The Miss Earth Foundation was established in 2004 to further the causes of the contest and to collaborate with national and international non-governmental organisations that are actively working to enhance and conserve the environment. The Miss Earth Foundation’s environmental awareness programme is geared toward raising young people’s awareness. The Champions of the Earth awards ceremony, which is held annually and is co-hosted by the Miss Earth pageant and the UNEP to honour exceptional environmental leaders and achievers at the policy level, was introduced in 2005. In a joint statement with Greenpeace, Miss Earth also called for the outlawing of genetically modified food crops, promoting organic farming, and advancing sustainable agriculture.

In order to build a powerful platform for raising awareness of climate change, The Miss Earth Foundation partnered with The Climate Reality Project in 2016 for the “Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training,” led by its founder and chairman, former US Vice President Al Gore. The Miss Earth Foundation introduced the first Miss Earth Eco-Fashion Design Competition on November 4, 2008, and it has since become an annual occasion for both professional and amateur fashion designers to create eco-friendly designs. The clothing is created using eco-chic designs or patterns that can be worn on the street or on the catwalk, as well as recyclable, natural, and organic materials.


The following qualifications must be satisfied in order for a contestant to be eligible to apply for Miss Earth: One should be in the age range of 18 to 26. One must be at least 5’4” tall, single, unmarried, and not engaged. They must also have a passport or be an overseas citizen. In addition to these requirements, it is advised that the candidates engage in regular exercise, visit a gym or go jogging, indulge in activities that make their hearts and wallets happy, and shape up their bodies. The candidate must have three recent photographs—a close-up, a mid-shot, and a full-length shot—as well as a clear photocopy of a recent ID proof to authenticate it. They must also have the self-assurance to submit a strong application and have faith in the organisation to help them shine and receive everything they are due.


With the goal of harnessing the entertainment value of the beauty pageant industry to support environmental protection, Carousel Productions introduced the first Miss Earth competition in 2001. On April 3, 2001, the pageant was formally unveiled for the first time at a press conference. The phrase “Beauties for a Cause” was adopted by Miss Earth in October 2001; however, the first “Beauties for a Cause” prize wasn’t given out until 2003. The number of participating nations increases every year, and there are more national Miss Earth pageants on every continent. In 2003, Miss Earth overtook Miss International to rank third among all international beauty pageants in terms of the number of participating nations.

Since 2002, the pageant has taken place mostly in the Philippines, with live broadcasts being broadcast on Fox Life and The Filipino Channel to more than 80 other countries. Reigning titleholders devote their entire year to promoting particular initiatives, frequently addressing environmental issues and other global challenges through speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media appearances, environmental fairs, storytelling programmes for kids, eco-fashion shows, and other environmentally focused activities. The Miss Earth Foundation collaborates with various businesses and organisations in the private sector, including the World Wildlife Foundation, as well as the environmental departments and ministries of participating nations.


MISS EARTH strives to showcase and promote various tourist sites in addition to placing a significant emphasis on environmental conservation activities. Each year, more than 80 delegations from around the globe compete on both attractiveness and environmental expertise in environmental conservation activities. Each year, more than 80 delegations from around the globe compete on both attractiveness and environmental expertise.

The winner of Miss Earth will represent environmental conservation initiatives around the world as an ambassador. The world’s most important and worthwhile beauty competition, Miss Earth, continues to establish a legacy of grace and responsibility. “Beauties for a Cause” is the tagline. The pageant seeks out the most attractive ladies on the planet to act as role models for the preservation and restoration of Mother Earth.

Updated on: 10-Apr-2023


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