Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

The Miss Universe beauty pageant, which was established in the early 1950s, is well known worldwide. At the end of the year, the pageant is often held over a two-week period. Contestants get an opportunity to make their case for winning during this time. The crucial elements that determine the ultimate victor include beauty, personality, and elegance. Up to 100 different countries are represented in the competition.

The Miss Universe pageant has a long history around the world, but in recent years, there has been a rise in body image awareness, along with crucial discussions regarding the objectification of women that takes place in these pageants. Candidates for Miss Universe are evaluated on how they look in evening dresses and bikinis as well as how thoughtfully they respond to open-ended questions about a range of subjects. Even a judge acknowledged that the competition’s “personality” element may serve as a diversion from the “beauty” segments, when contestants are mostly graded on their appearance.

The Miss Universe Organization

The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) is an international, welcoming organisation that values people of all ages, ethnicities, and religions. We establish and offer a secure environment so that women may tell their stories and make a difference. The Miss Universe Organization gives the women who take part in this global platform the resources they need to make positive changes in their lives on the personal, professional, and philanthropic levels while serving as motivating leaders and role models to their communities and supporters around the globe. The Miss Universe Organization was founded to promote a future created by women who have the audacity to try new things, the courage to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible, and the curiosity to learn more.


Participants in the Miss Universe competition must be between the ages of 18 and 27 as of January 1 of the competition year. Participants in the competition should not be pregnant, married, divorced, or have ever parented or given birth to a kid. Being in good shape is essential since Miss Universe competitors are judged on how they look while wearing a bathing suit. Each contestant receives a score based on how elegant, poised, and collected she appears. Here, elegance is everything. Candidates can submit an application through the national director in their respective nations in order to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Potential competitors in the Miss USA pageant in the United States must first apply by getting in touch with their regional state directors.


The Miss Universe pageant was created in 1952 by a company called Pacific Knitting Mills as a publicity stunt to promote one of the swimwear collections. The company was the creator of Catalina Swimwear after Miss America, the winner of its rival pageant, declined to wear it at the aforementioned event. The organisation made the decision to launch its own pageant, which it named Miss Universe. Up until Yolanda Betbeze, the winner of the Miss America pageant, refused to wear Catalina swimwear, Pacific Knitting Mills was a generous sponsor of the competition. The Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants were first organised by Pacific Knitting Mills in 1952, and the company has continued to support the Miss Universe competition ever since.

When Miss Universe conducted its first pageant in 1952 in Long Beach, California, the organization’s history officially began. Miss Finland, Armi Kuusela, who later renounced her title even before she finished her first year as Miss Universe in order to get married before her reign was up, won the first-ever contest. The Miss Universe title was then named after the competition itself, similar to Miss America in 1958. The Miss Universe Organization has organised and produced Miss Universe since it was first created by Pacific Mills. After being purchased by the other company, Kayser-Roth Corporation, Pacific Mills and its other subsidiaries were then purchased by Gulf and Western Industries.

Due to the broadcasting network’s problems and statements made against the illegal immigrants who crossed the border from Mexico in June 2015, it ended its business partnership with Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization. After purchasing 50% of the broadcasting network’s shares, Donald Trump became the network’s sole owner. He then sold the network to IMG three days later. After the ownership of the Miss Universe contest abruptly changed, Fox, an American broadcasting business, and Azteca, an American Spanish television network, were named the pageants’ official broadcasters. That is what happened in the history of Miss Universe television rights, and Paula Shugart has been the organization’s president since 1997.


One of the most well-known and widely covered beauty pageants in the world, Miss Universe features national pageant champions from all over the world. Candidate selection typically involves contests in important cities, with the winners competing in a national pageant. Women can take the necessary steps to make sure they meet the requirements and are qualified to win Miss Universe. Miss Universe is a pageant that honours all women, their cultures, and backgrounds while also empowering them to realise their goals through personal experience, boost their self-confidence, and open doors to success while also becoming a part of Miss Universe’s history.

Updated on: 10-Apr-2023

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