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How to Find the Text on Page in ElectronJS?

Aman Gupta
Updated on 13-Oct-2023 15:38:34


Overview A find text on a page is a feature which helps a user to find a word on the page. An electronJs is an open source framework which creates a desktop application which can run on every operating system with its cross platform compatibility. The electronJs has many predefined instance methods with their respective functionality. So to build this feature of find text on page the electronJs provides a "findInPage" method which takes the current focused window and scans all the text on the page. Syntax For finding the text on page, the electronJs provides the below Syntax for ... Read More

Technical SEO For Web Developers: A Comprehensive Guide

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 14-Apr-2023 11:18:57


As a web developer, you have a crucial role in the success of a website's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Technical SEO is important to improve its visibility and ranking. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the essential technical SEO techniques that web developers should implement to boost a website's ranking on search engines. Website Speed Website speed is an essential factor for SEO ranking. A website that loads slowly will have a high bounce rate, leading to a decrease in the website's ranking. A web developer can use various techniques to improve website speed, including − Using ... Read More