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Creating a Frameless window in Python Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 04-Mar-2021 13:37:48
Tkinter is the most commonly used Python library for creating GUI-based applications. It has features like adding widgets and other necessary attributes.Let us suppose that we want to create a borderless window using tkinter. To create a borderless window, we can use the overrideredirect method which basically disables the window and removes the window element such as the closing button, title, minimization element and buttons, etc.overrideredirect is a Boolean function which can be either True or False. Once the window is opened, it can be closed by pressing Alt+F4.Example#Importing the tkinter library from tkinter import * #Create an instance ... Read More

Creating a Dropdown Menu using Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 04-Mar-2021 13:36:31
Navigation is the most important part of any application, as it improves the user experience in an aesthetic way. Using Tkinter, we can create menus and submenus very efficiently.Tkinter has an inbuilt function to create menus and these can be invoked with another tkinter widget or window. Tkinter.Menu module provides some properties in Menu-items. Some of these properties are used to label the buttons, toggling the button, adding submenus using cascade properties, etc.In this article, we will see how to create a dropdown menu using tkinter.Menu and its Menu-item properties. We will use OptionMenu widget to create a list of ... Read More

Create a Date Picker Calendar in Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 04-Mar-2021 13:34:21
Tkinter is a popular Python library for creating and developing applications. It has various methods and functions that can be used for adding multiple features in an application.Tkcalendar is one of the tkinter packages that can be used to create GUI-based calendars in the window and thus, we can perform multiple operations like selecting the data, picking and scheduling the event through the calendar application and many more.However, in this article, we will see how we can create a Date Picker calendar using the Tkcalendar package. Before that, we have to install the package in our local environment using pip ... Read More

Changing the Mouse Cursor in Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 04-Mar-2021 13:33:03
Tkinter is a GUI-based Python library which is used to develop various types of functional and GUI-based applications. It provides lots of functions and methods that can be used to provide extensibility and various features while developing an application.In this article, we will see how we can change the mouse cursor while hovering on a button in the tkinter frame using the cursor property. There are plenty of cursor maps available in tkinter’s button library that provide different visuals for the end-user. Some of the cursor in the library are, "arrow""circle""clock""cross""dotbox""exchange""fleur""heart""heart""man""mouse""pirate""plus""shuttle""sizing""spider""spraycan""star""target""tcross""trek""watch"Let us first create some buttons and then we will ... Read More

Average Speed Calculator using Tkinter

Dev Prakash Sharma
Updated on 04-Mar-2021 13:30:27
In this article, we will see how to create a GUI-based application that will calculate the average speed. The average speed of a moving object can be calculated using the following formula, Average Speed = Distance / [Hours + (Minutes/60)]To select the input value, we will use the SpinBox method that is used to create a spinner for a range of values. These values are Distance (Kilometers), Hours, and Minutes.Examplefrom tkinter import * #Create an instance of tkinter frame win = Tk() #Set the geometry and resize the frame win.geometry("700x400") win.resizable(0, 0) win.title("Average Speed Calculator") # Create Label ... Read More