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What a High PSA Level Means if It’s Not Prostate Cancer?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 10:33:06
So, you’ve got your test results back and your (PSA) levels are high. But the doctor hasn’t given you the long face, and you’re relieved it’s not cancer. But the term itself is so ominous and evokes such fear – so what else could it possibly mean? What is PSA? PSA or prostate-specific antigen is a protein enzyme produced by the prostate gland in men. PSA tests are conducted on men, wherein a high PSA level is supposed to indicate prostate cancer. However, this test has become notoriously unreliable as an indicator of cancer, as many false positives have been ... Read More

Enemas for Constipation Relief

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 10:32:08
Most times, chronic constipation can be rectified with a better diet, water intake, exercise, or laxatives as per your need. Enemas are usually the last resort to alleviate constipation because the side effects are significant and they cannot be used in an unchecked manner. If you’re looking for some answers for your first-time enema, this article explores all possible options and side effects. What is an Enema? An enema is a procedure in which a tube is inserted into your large intestines via your rectum, filling your intestines with some combination of fluid and laxatives, or gas, to help loosen ... Read More

Neuropathy and Nerve Pain Treatments

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 10:29:31
Neuropathy is a debilitating and painful condition characterized by damaged nerves outside the brain and spinal cord (peripheral neuropathy), compromising their ability to send and receive messages from the brain. The primary symptom of neuropathy is shooting pains/aches in your extremities, limbs, and other areas, amongst a host of other manifestations. Causes of Neuropathy There are over 100 types of possible neuropathies and an equal, if not greater, number of causes. Some principle causes of this disease include − Diabetes Injuries/Accidents resulting in amputations or loss of limb Surgeries that damage nerves ... Read More

Yeast Infections and Sex: What You Need to Know

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 10:28:39
Are you facing a possible STD alert? First, double back and make sure it isn't a yeast infection. If it is a yeast infection, you’ll have a million questions ranging from treatment, to whether you can have sex, to the risk of contracting other STDs. This article will help you clarify your doubts during this prickly period. What is a Yeast Infection? A yeast infection isn’t technically an STD because people who have not had sex can also contract it, but sex can trigger it too. The infection can also be triggered by certain antibiotics, birth control pills, pregnancy, ... Read More

Difference Between Isolation and Quarantine

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 23-Jan-2023 12:40:43
Both isolation and quarantine are crucial and still used today. Out of the many techniques, isolation and quarantine are two of the safety measures that are currently utilised to stop the spread of many diseases. Society could suffer if these preventative measures are not employed or implemented. Quarantine and seclusion were techniques that were used from very early times. Even in the past, sick persons were housed in a separate room or area to avoid contact and stop the disease from spreading further. These actions not only helped the globe heal and conquer disease, but they also saved thousands of ... Read More

Migraine Symptoms

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 19-Jan-2023 15:08:04
Introduction The most prominent symptom of a migraine, a common neurological condition, is a palpitation headache on one part of the brain. Physical exertion, bright lights, loud noises, or strong smells will probably make your migraine worse. It could endure for days or at least four hours. 12% of Americans are thought to have this hereditary disease. It is the sixth most incapacitating disease in the world, according to research. What is Migraine ? The brain and tissues around have been linked to a mysterious neurological disease called migraine. The trigeminovascular system and the cerebral cortex play key roles in ... Read More

How to Get relieve a Headache or Migraine Attack Fast?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 09-May-2023 12:08:41
Migraine or headaches has become quite typical among humans worldwide in recent times.People suffering from migraine will feel intense headaches, and this will often be accompanied by nausea. Individuals usually suffer from migraines due to unhealthy food habits, stress, lack of physical exercise, hormone changes, etc. Patients suffer from pulsing sensations and severe aching. Migraine can attack for hours and even can last for days. Migraine pain can hamper the daily activities of individuals. Sometimes migraine can include visual disturbances like flashes of light and blind spots. People need to consult with professionals while suffering from migraine. Medications can ... Read More

Hormones Heart Kidney GI

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 19-Jan-2023 17:17:27
Introduction Hormones are the chemical messengers that are secreted in trace amounts by the endocrine cells. They transmit the information from one tissue to another tissue by diffusing it into the bloodstream. The messages transmitted to the target tissue help to control the metabolic and physiological activities in the target cells. A single hormone involves multiple effects on one target tissue or many different tissues. They are predominantly synthesized and released by the endocrine glands including the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, pancreas, pineal gland, testes, and ovaries, however, they can also be produced and released in the non-endocrine ... Read More

Appendicitis - Formation, Symptoms, Treatment

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 17:34:16
Appendicitis Appendicitis is a biological word for a condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed. It is a sac-like organ located next to the point where the big and small intestines converge in the human digestive tract. The modern human digestive system does not currently require the use of this organ. When the inflammation is not controlled in a timely manner, this organ inflates, resulting in pain, discomfort, and infection. Images Coming soon With a mean age of 28, appendicitis most frequently affects people between the ages of 5 and 45. 233 incidents per 100, 000 individuals roughly represent the ... Read More

Chicken Pox Symptoms

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 02-Jan-2023 14:42:56
Introduction Chickenpox is one of the most typical childhood diseases. Chickenpox can affect anyone at any age, even though most individuals get it between the ages of 3 and 6. In youngsters, the sickness is rather minor, but it can be very dangerous in grownups. The condition's initial symptoms, or indicators, include slight coughing, nasal congestion, and low-grade fever. In addition to not eating properly, the person may also have migraines and tiredness. Red spots start to show up on the body and skin about a week after being infected with the virus that causes the illness. Symptoms The ... Read More