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Testing Types – Comprehensive List

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:57:25
Testing is the process of running a software and looking for flaws. Our program must be error-free in order to work effectively. If the testing is completed successfully, the program will be free of any faults.Testing PrinciplesFollowing are the major principles of Testing a software −All tests must satisfy the customer's needs.To make our software testing more efficient, we should use a third party.It is impossible to do exhaustive testing. We need the optimum quantity of testing depending on the application's risk assessment.All tests that will be undertaken should be prepared before they are carried out.It adheres to the Pareto ... Read More

Test Plan Template (Sample Document with Web Application Example)

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:27:07
A Test Plan is a thorough document that outlines the test strategy, objectives, timetable, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to accomplish software testing. The Test Plan assists us in determining the amount of work required to confirm the quality of the application being tested. The test plan is a blueprint for conducting software testing operations as a defined procedure, which the test manager closely monitors and controls."A test plan is a document detailing the scope, strategy, resources, and timetable of expected test activities, " according to the ISTQB definition.Let's look at an example/scenario of a Test Plan: You want to ... Read More

Test Environment for Software Testing

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:16:45
What is the definition of a test environment?A testing environment is a software and hardware configuration that allows testing teams to run test cases. In other words, it enables test execution with properly configured hardware, software, and network.The test bed or test environment is set up according to the requirements of the Application Under Test. On rare occasions, a test bed may be a mix of the test environment and the test data with which it interacts.Software testing success is ensured by setting up the correct test environment. Any errors in this procedure may result in the customer incurring more ... Read More

Test Data Generation (What, How to, Example, Tools)

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:12:56
As a tester, you may assume that ‘Designing Test cases are tough enough, therefore why care about something as minor as Test Data’. The objective of this tutorial is to introduce you to Test Data, its relevance and offer practical tips and tactics to produce test data efficiently. So, let’s Begin!What is Test Data in Software Testing?Test Data in Software Testing is the input delivered to a software program during test execution. It represents data that impacts or is impacted by program execution during testing. Assess data is used for both positive testings to check that functions generate anticipated outcomes ... Read More

Test Condition Vs Test Scenario – What’s the Difference?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:10:13
What exactly is a Test Condition?In software testing, a test condition is a specification that a tester must adhere to when testing a software program. For test cases, a test condition is a collection of restrictions that might include features such as transactions, functions, or structural aspects in order to test the software application. Test circumstances aid in the bug-free development of software applications.Test conditions are developed from real-world test situations, as well as test bases and use cases. There might be several Test Conditions in a Test Scenario while verifying Test Conditions.Test Condition's level of detail is determined by ... Read More

SDLC vs STLC – What’s the Difference?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:07:52
The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), despite their similar names, are two different and distinct methods for guaranteeing project success in software development. Let's look at how you may get the most of both of them for your software development project −What is Software Development Life Cycle?The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a term that refers to the process of creating software.Based on a research paper by Dr. Winston Royce released in 1970, the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a linear sequence of processes for delivering software. The procedure is as ... Read More

Principles of Information System Security

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Nov-2021 05:05:08
What is the definition of information security (InfoSec)?The methods and practices that businesses employ to secure information are referred to as information security (or InfoSec). This also contains policy settings that prohibit unauthorized individuals from gaining access to company or personal data. InfoSec is a rapidly expanding and changing discipline that encompasses everything from network and infrastructure security to testing and auditing.Information security safeguards sensitive data against illegal access, alteration, or recording, as well as any disturbance or destruction. The purpose is to protect vital data such as customer account information, financial information, and intellectual property.Robbery of private information, data ... Read More

Principles of Conventional Software Engineering

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Nov-2021 07:38:28
Conventional Software Engineering PrinciplesThere are several descriptions of "old-school" engineering software. The software industry has learned many lessons and established numerous principles during the years of software development. This part introduces the fundamental ideas explored throughout the rest of the book by describing one perspective on today's software engineering principles. A small paper titled "Fifteen Principles of Software Engineering" [Davis, 1994] is the benchmark I've chosen. The paper was then expanded into a book [Davis, 1995], which lists 201 principles. Despite its title, the piece outlines the top 30 principles, and it's as excellent a description as any of the ... Read More

Penetration Testing Tutorial: What is PenTest?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Nov-2021 07:35:46
Penetration TestingPenetration testing, often known as pen testing, is a sort of security testing which is used to find flaws, hazards, and dangers that an intruder may abuse in software applications, networks, or online applications. The goal of penetration testing is to find and evaluate all potential security flaws in a software program. Pen Test is another name for penetration testing.The chance that an intruder would damage or obtain unauthorized access to a network or any data held inside it is referred to as vulnerability. Vulnerabilities are typically found by chance during the software planning and implementation phases. Common threats ... Read More

What is Non Destructive Software Testing (NDST)?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Nov-2021 07:32:31
What exactly is Non-Destructive Software Testing?Non Destructive Testing is a sort of software testing that comprises evaluating and appropriately engaging with the software program. To put it another way, Non-Destructive Software Testing (NDT) is also known as Positive Testing or Happy Path Testing. It produces the required outcomes and demonstrates that the software program behaves as predicted.Putting the necessary info into a login module and testing to see if it recognizes credentials and moves onto another step is an example.In the previous example, input numeric characters in the username text field to undertake non-destructive testing. As a result of entering ... Read More
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