Difference Between Fuzzy Set and Crisp Set

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In this post, we will understand the difference between fuzzy set and crisp set −

Fuzzy Set

  • It is understood using vague properties.

  • Fuzzy set can have a progressive transition among many degrees of membership.

  • They are generally used in fuzzy controllers.

  • The elements have the ability to be partially included in the set.

  • They are based on infinite-valued logic.

  • They exhibit gradual membership degrees.

  • There is an uncertainty about the set boundaries.

Crisp Set

  • It can be understood using precise and certain characteristics.

  • Here, the transition is sudden, and well defined, not gradual.

  • The element can either be a member of a set or not, no partial ability given.

  • It has a digital design.

  • It is based on bi-valued logic.

  • They can have a total membership or non-membership.

  • It has a precise location for the set boundaries.

Updated on 29-Apr-2021 06:17:54