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Difference between REST API and SOAP API

Mahesh Parahar
Updated on 24-Feb-2020 10:45:49
As we know that each machine understand and deals in its different language or input so web-services are something which are required for inter communication between machines and to exchange data between them. In order to implement some set of restrictions over their communication some set of rules and regulations are defined which are known as web-services which basically defines the format and type of data that need to be exchanged and specifically a contract which both machines should be aware of before taking part in communication.This communication system can be categorized into two types, namely Simple Object Access Protocol ... Read More

Interacting SAP and Navision using 3rd party applications

Abhinanda Shri
Updated on 16-Dec-2019 07:13:59
There are many middleware tools that work as middleware for integrating different applications. There exists a vast variety of them but choosing a correct one is based on the applications being integrated.For integrating the third-party application with either SAP or Navision, you can use Apache Camel. Also, SAP provides a framework - SAP PI - SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.Lately, SAP Business One has emerged as the preferred choice for integration of third-party applications with SAP. It is highly preferred by developers as it provides vast options for handling various use cases. Its working is based on either of the two ... Read More

Connecting SAP SOAP WebService with Android application

SAP Expert
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
You are passing parameter in URL like this:"Instead of this, you should pass parameter like this: request.addProperty("sap-client", "100"); request.addProperty("sap-user", "*"); request.addProperty("sap-password", "*");

Not able to access SOAP Manager in SAP server

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
SAP server will not respond to request having IP but not the domain name. So you need to just add the domain to your host file. You can find the host files in host folder within drivers/etc folder. That should resolve your issue.

Error in XML document while processing SOAP response

Johar Ali
Updated on 17-Dec-2019 06:46:33
Yes, you should use your SOAP extension into your client app.ExampleTry adding the below code:               DebugTools.SOAP.SOAPTrace is the namespace of the SoapTraceExtension.DebugTools.SOAP is the name of the assembly containing the soap trace code.