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Alternative of SAP .NET Connector

Srinivas Gorla
Updated on 16-Dec-2019 07:13:07
There are various (not many as for JAVA and others) possible ways to achieve the task. One way is to go for existing remote function calls library for establishing a connection. There are free to use wrappers written around RFC to serve the task.Another library available for the same and mostly used is ERPConnect. It is easy to use and provides an easy mechanism to call BAPI, functions and table calls.But the best way to go for use is web services but for that, you have to be on ERP5.0 or higher. In such case, no .NET connector is required ... Read More

Values are not readable while calling RFC method in .net via SAP.NET Connector 2.0

John SAP
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
Please check if you have same Unicode encoding in SAP and .NET Connector.

With use of SAP .NET Connector to perform an upgrade

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 10:36:46
You have SAP Portal Development Kit PDK for .NET that can be used to connect SAP to Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008. SAP Portal Development Kit PDK for Microsoft.NET (PDK for .NET) is a set of tools that enables .NET developers to build portal content for SAP NetWeaver Portal. Using PDK for .NET allows organizations to leverage their existing investments in the Microsoft .NET technology and developer skills, as well as to take advantage of the SAP NetWeaver technology.SAP Portal Development Kit PDK for .NET package contains below components −PDK contains a Portal Add-in for Visual Studio VSIt also has ... Read More

Reading latest measurement point in SAP RFC

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
There is a Function Module: MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_002 that you can use to read documents if keys are known. When there is no RFC module to get a list of $foo according to a set of selection criteria, it is possible to use RFC_READ_TABLE to get the keys from db directly.Function Module MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_002: RFC Measurement document: Individual processing, Change/Display or ReadUseWith use of this RFC, following remote calls can be used:Remote dialog (WITH_DIALOG_SCREEN = 'X')Remote dialog in display mode (EDIT_MODE = ' ')Remote dialog in change mode (EDIT_MODE = 'X')Remote reading of measurement document data (WITH_DIALOG_SCREEN = ' ')NotesApart from when an ... Read More

How can I refer a certain class/interface/ by enclosing it with its namespace SAP.NET

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 12:33:59
Note that you have to ensure that you are using .NET framework and not .NET 4.0 client. Refer this link and you would get an idea:SAP Discussion

Can I define a column as a table type in SAP HANA?

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
I don’t think there exists any way where you can define the column type of a column within a table type as an array. Table type refers to a row structure with predefined number of columns. So you might need to rethink on how to change the incoming data from .NET application to be a usable one for your SAP HANA project.

Adding a field to SAP RFC table using .NET Connector 3.0

SAP Expert
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 10:30:55
Note that it is not possible to append table’s column as fields are already defined. You can only enter a row to the table and populate fields to that row. Below code should work −IRfcTable ITEMDATATable = BapiIncomingInvoiceGetDetail.GetTable("ITEMDATA"); ITEMDATATable.Append(); ITEMDATATable.SetValue("SKU_ATM",myItemData.SKU_AMT);

Executing SAP RFC creates an error: “The current application triggered a termination with a short dump”

Updated on 12-Dec-2019 10:54:19
This is very generic error and it could be due to any reason: code error, inconsistency in data, or some other issue. You can use T-Code: ST22 to check short dump message in SAP system.This is used to check ABAP Runtime errors- All Client. You need to pass the filter condition, and click on Start

Information regarding function used in remote machine and their return values.

Rahul Sharma
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
There is a table TFDIR which contains all the information. You can use this table with FMODE=’R’ by transaction SE16. R denotes remote functions. If you want to check the return values of the function, you can use transaction SE37 by inputting the function in the search field.

Is it required a configuration in SAP SM59?

Swarali Sree
Updated on 15-Jun-2020 06:54:12
If you are only calling a Remote Function Module in SAP system, you don’t require any configuration in SM59.Considering a scenario where your SAP system has to call a function in the C# application, then you need to configure RFC destination using SM59. You can Transaction for defining HTTP destinations- SM59.There are two types of HTTP connection:HTTP connection to an external server (connection type G)HTTP connection to an ABAP system (connection type H) Note that both the connection types differ from each other in terms of logon procedures. The technical settings are same for both connections.Read More