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Rust Programming Language – Big Features

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 20-Feb-2021 06:46:04


Rust packs in plenty of features that you can use to build highly scalable and memory‑safe applications and software. But some of these features are overarching features of the language.Here are some of the big features of Rust programming language −PerformanceWe know that the speed of the CPU is fixed, thus for any software to run faster, it needs to do less. To achieve this, Rust pushes the severe burden of its high-level features onto the compiler. Also, it doesn’t need a garbage collectorto ensure the safety.Rust’s object methods are always dispatched statically, unless one specifies that dynamic dispatch is ... Read More

Rust programming language – Applications

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 20-Feb-2021 06:45:22


Rust is a multi-paradigm language that can be used in many areas of development. It serves the system programming as the main domain, which these days can even include the web browsers and other software, even if they are user interface ones.That being said, let’s look at the areas of application where Rust programming language shines.Application ExtendingRust has in-built extensions for different commonly used languages like C++, Python and Java. These extensions make it much easier to extend any application code to Rust and hence allowing the developers to make use of Rust’s memory safety and other features which make ... Read More

How is Rust programming language used?

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 20-Feb-2021 06:43:59


Rust has been adopted by large technology leaders and even startups.Rust just completed a decade and it can be fairly said that it has proven its ability to build powerful, reliable software. Recently it entered the Top 20 popular programming languages in the world.Some of the large technology leaders that have adopted Rust are as follows −Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses rust for performance-sensitive components of services mainly EC2, S3 and Lambda. Also, they sponsored the development of the language.Discord uses Rust in both the client-side and the server-side, mainly to achieve scalability for millions of concurrent users and keep ... Read More

Rust programming language – An Overview

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 20-Feb-2021 06:42:55


After being developed by Graydon Hoare at Mozilla Research, with contributions from Dave Herman and other contributors, Rust has come a long way.For the past four years, it has been the most loved programming language on Stack Overflow Surveys, which clearly indicates that those who have used this new, yet powerful language have fallen in love with it.There are certain things that make Rust programming language stand apart from most of the commonly used languages like Java, C++, C, Python, or even Go in some cases.In this guide, I’ll explain what makes it so special.I’ll cover two points about it, ... Read More