How is Rust programming language used?

Rust has been adopted by large technology leaders and even startups.

Rust just completed a decade and it can be fairly said that it has proven its ability to build powerful, reliable software. Recently it entered the Top 20 popular programming languages in the world.

Some of the large technology leaders that have adopted Rust are as follows −

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses rust for performance-sensitive components of services mainly EC2, S3 and Lambda. Also, they sponsored the development of the language.
  • Discord uses Rust in both the client-side and the server-side, mainly to achieve scalability for millions of concurrent users and keep things memory-safe.
  • Facebook rewrote their source control backend, which was earlier written in Python.
  • Cloudflare uses Rust in their core implementation logic and they used it as a replacement for C which was not memory-safe.
  • Microsoft is thinking of integrating Rust into its large C/C++ codebases, and the main argument that is making them think is the memory safety that Rust provides.
  • npm rewrote their main service in Rust because they noticed the service’s performance would soon be a bottleneck if the rate of growth of users remained the same.
  • Coursera used Rust for handling the programming assignments feature.

Updated on: 20-Feb-2021


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