Rust Programming Language – Big Features

Rust packs in plenty of features that you can use to build highly scalable and memory‑safe applications and software. But some of these features are overarching features of the language.

Here are some of the big features of Rust programming language −


We know that the speed of the CPU is fixed, thus for any software to run faster, it needs to do less. To achieve this, Rust pushes the severe burden of its high-level features onto the compiler. Also, it doesn’t need a garbage collectorto ensure the safety.

Rust’s object methods are always dispatched statically, unless one specifies that dynamic dispatch is required. This enables the compiler to optimize the code.


The type system that Rust offers along with the borrow checker, helps in preventing whole classes of errors or bugs that areaccepted as ‘normally’ in Java, Python and C++.

Developer Productivity

Rust packs in great productivity tools that enables the developer to enhance the productivity, like cargo which is one of the best build systems and package managers out there.

It also comes with a very well built-in documentation, and great built-in integration unit and document testing, which again improves the developer productivity.


Rust handles concurrency very well, as its ownership modeland type-checking enables it to make sure that any errors that occur due to concurrency are compile-time errors and hence, enabling the developers to fix the code while working on it, instead of potentially working on it after it has been shipped to production.

Updated on: 20-Feb-2021


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